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Hydroponic Gardens – Get Faster Growing Vegetables and Crops at Your Own Home!

Do you want to grow your own vegetables and food crops and cultivate them for your own consumption? Then get to know the new trend in growing plants by hydroponic gardens. This form of gardening enables faster growth and incredibly higher yield of 30-50% as compared to common soil grown gardening.

Grow Food in Easy, Alternate, and Affordable Ways

Do you want to save on groceries and get a head start on a staple of daily food consumption? Then you should consider growing food in alternative means! I’m sure you’ve heard of food-growing methods like organic farming and hydroponic gardening.

How to Enjoy a Bug Free Evening, the Citronella Torch Way

Sometime in dim distant history the first insect bit someone and decided it likes the taste. From then right up until now humans have suffered from swarms and swarm of various kinds of biting insects: mosquitoes, chiggers, horse flies they all have the hots for human blood.

Over 17,500 Orchid Species Fall Into Two Types

The orchid family is made up of just two types, they are terrestrial and epiphytes. Some of the more common species are covered in this article.

How to Make a Root Cellar From an Old Freezer

How to make a free root cellar for organic fruit and vegetables in any home. No electricity or cellar is needed. A discarded freezer becomes an asset in the sustainable low maintenance organic garden.

How to Water Orchids – Water Them Right and Keep Them Healthy

Many of us are unsure how to water orchids so that they continue to bloom. Here you can find a few easy steps and tips on how to water orchids effectively so that they continue to bloom year-round.

Wormery Compost – How to Keep the Worms Happy

The Compost bin is an essential part of any garden. But a wormery provides a valuable working addition which produces compost that is rich in humus and plant foods. The compost is best used as a top dressing or ingredient in potting or seed compost.

The Right Way of Orchid Pruning

Once your orchids start blooming, orchid pruning is one important task that you should not miss. Especially if your aim is to promote new and healthy orchid growth that provides you with constant blooming. But for most beginners, orchid pruning become a risky task terrified by the possible damage of the orchid plant.

Garden Greenhouses, The Top 6 Things You Must Consider Before Buying!

Garden Greenhouses, what you should consider before you purchase! Don’t buy a garden greenhouse until you read this!

Vanda Orchids and How to Care for Them

Vanda orchids are one of the most floral of the orchid genus. Grown mostly in hanging baskets they are quite unusual than most flowers gardeners attend. They can be quite rewarding to successfully grow these orchids to full bloom. Unlike most other orchids they can be grown outdoors easier than indoors.

How To Grow Organic Broad Beans?

The widest broad beans, for spring sowing and a fine flavour, are the ‘Windsors’ Green or White. There are about 200 seeds in a pint of broad beans, enough for 150 feet of double row, so a half-pint packet is sufficient for most gardens.

Growing Fabulous Peach Trees

My wife and I lucked out when we purchased our home as there are two peach trees between our home and the house next door. The two brick homes seem to have formed a micro climate which supports the peach trees.

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