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Fruit Netting – Which Color Works Best?

Growing fruit in your home garden is a huge step towards eating your daily greens, but getting rid of pest birds is a recurring concern. These birds eat or damage fruit and thus pose the highest threat of all risks to your produce. You don’t need thousands of dollars or weeks to take care of the problem, five minutes of your time usually gets you enough information about possibilities to take action.

Growing Corn in Your Home Garden – Sweet, Sweeter and the Sweetest

Sweet corn is a common crop that is grown by many home gardeners for it’s tasty kernels. Commonly know for it’s yellow color ears, it is also available in white and bi-colored ears as well. It is an easy crop to grow, and with a little care there can be a very rewarding harvest.

New Age Farming Using a Hydroponics Garden

When you hear the word hydroponics garden, what comes into your mind? If you know something about hydroponic planting, you may know that with proper set up, you will be able to grow healthier plants.

Organic Pest Control – Developing a System by Looking and Learning

Organic garden pest control is a natural and healthy way of keeping the plant life in your gardens safe. It involves more than just the prevention or controlling of pests. There are three elements that need to be included in a successful system to keep everything in balance. Soil, plant variety, and the encouragement of natural predators are all just as equally important.

To Grow the Roses For Your Rose Gardening

If your looking for enjoyable hobby and love being outdoors rose gardening just may be for you. It is one of the most rewarding of all gardening and for good reason for centuries the old garden rose to the modern rose of today has been loved, admired and highly regarded and valued. Their remarkable beauty of many colors, from their petals of different formations to all the different fragrances that capture you makes it one of the ultimate flowers to grow and enjoy.

Farming Tips For Goji Berries

Nowadays, Goji berry plants are planted in the home gardens. You too can grow these plants in your garden and enjoy the benefits of these fruits. Below mentioned are some gardening tips for Goji berry plants…

Choosing Cedar For Your Wood Greenhouse

Having a wood greenhouse in your own backyard was considered to be an extravagant move in the previous years. But nowadays, there are a lot of cheaper and easier ways to build one. Choosing to have a greenhouse is not considered a luxury anymore, but it could be necessary especially if you are in a place which has bad weather conditions.

Cheap Tomato Container Ideas

Now, the cost of the clay pot of that size, is enough to scare anyone who is on a low budget. However, what you probably do not know, there are a few cheap options to choose a tomato container to grow your tomato plants in. Here are some great tips, that will save you some bucks.

Did You Know That There Are Several Benefits to Growing Vegetables and Herbs Indoors?

The right house plants can add depth and beauty to your house and plants for inside the house can go from tall indoor trees to small cactuses that just provide a little color and detail. These decorative plants can also be functional in the process and although we typically associate eatable plants with out of doors gardens it does not necessarily have to be that way. Eatable plants can serve two purposes when used as house plants and there are a considerable number of creative paths that you can explore to integrate the functional foliage into your house.

The Honey Bee and Honey

The Honey Bee, one of nature’s most prolific pollinators, is the only insect in the entire world that produces food suitable for human consumption. The irresistible sweet taste of honey has been sought after by man for hundreds of thousands of years and can be traced as far back as prehistoric times.

How to Grow Tomatoes in the Desert (Maybe)

This article is about how (or maybe how not) to grow tomatoes in the desert of Arizona. Basically it is about my experience in trying to do this. It is somewhat funny.

Tulips Planting For the Upcoming Season of Spring

As you all know, more and more people love the scenery of tulips during spring because it usually blends well with the season. For people who are dreaming of having a garden of tulips at home, you can put your dreams in to reality. Waiting for the spring season to come is quite to long before you plant your colorful tulips.

Is There Really a Right Way to Growing Herbs?

There are a lot of folks who will put lots of effort into learning the right way to growing herbs. As a practicing herbal specialist and avid gardener with over a decade of experience, I am able to tell you with confidence that there is no real right or wrong way to growing herbs. It is something you have to learn yourself and naturally, there are books out there that can give you clear and concise instructions on how to grow herbs, kinds of soil required for each plant, quantity of water etc.

Top 5 Ornamental Grasses For the Yard

Ornamental grasses have become increasingly popular among gardeners and homeowners in recent years. These plants are attractive, easy to maintain, and can help to accentuate the other features of the garden environment. Here are five ornamental grasses that just about anyone should consider when giving their landscape a much needed makeover.

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