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Composting For the Beginner

Why throw away what you can reuse for your garden? Composting occurs naturally as the environment’s way of reusing nutrients and minerals. When a tree dies, microorganisms break down the tree into compost with leaves, bark, moss, et cetera. However, you can also “create” your own compost.

Hydroponic Grow Closets Make Great Investments

Have you ever considered the benefits of an indoor grow closet? If you already have an indoor growing area set up, then you know how tiresome it can be to build, set up, tear down, etc. A grow closet offers more than just a space to grow your veggies. It’s an investment and you can easily recoup your initial purchase price in just a few months.

Using Garden Containers

We have all been the garden supply stores and seen the different kinds and sizes of garden containers, but you don’t have to be limited to those selections, be creative! Remember that old urn you picked up at the estate sale? Or how about those old work boots?

Transplant Tomato Seedlings – How and When?

The best time to transplant tomato seedlings from a pot to your garden is when they are between 5 and 8 weeks old, and well after the last frost in your area. Read the following tips to ensure successful transplantation.

Weeds in the Garden

Do you have weeds creeping into your garden and leeching away your plants water and nutrients? So does everyone else! Here are a few options regarding keeping those pesky weeds under control.

Shade Roses – It Is Possible

Isn’t it wonderful to have beautiful shade trees in your yard? Isn’t it aromatic to walk throughout your yard and smell the fragrances of different flowers? Not always can flowers, especially roses, be grown in the shade as they need a great deal of light for survival. To Shade Roses Is Possible and still have a lovely yard!

Three Ways to Grow an Indoor Herb Garden

Growing an indoor herb garden is a wonderful way to enjoy fresh vegetables and to get hooked on gardening. It’s easier now than ever to start growing a few herbs. In addition to the traditional soil-and-seed method, you can find seed planting kits and hydroponics kits. Find one that fits your lifestyle and budget.

Growing Your Own Plants in Indoor Garden Pots

Growing a few plants indoors has its benefits. If you’re thinking about growing your own vegetables or just a few plants as decoration then you may want to read this article.

The 21st Century Make-Over of Your Gardens

The avaunt-garden in the perceptions of the common man has brought in a revolution which aims at breaking free from the bonds of popularly accepted beliefs of heritage and culture and gives a new meaning to the evolving times. The advent of technology has proved to be a blessing in disguise where on one side it works in the interest of human beings on the other hand it aids the misdoings of the malicious elements in the society.

Tomato Types to Choose From

The variety of tomato that you choose to grow will depend on your climate, the length of your growing season and your personal taste. You might want to experiment with a few different varieties to see which ones you like best. If you live in an area with a short growing season, most early types produce a harvest in around 50 to 55 days, while the main season types can take up to 80 days or more.

How to Plant Rose Bulbs – It’s Easy

Most people love flowers whether it be to receive them or to have them in their garden. If you don’t already have flowers in your yard, you are missing out. Having flowers sounds like a lot of work, but it really isn’t especially with roses.

How to Take Care of Your Plants in the Lawn and Garden

To a lot of people, their lawn and garden are your own versions of heaven. Why? Maybe it is because it is a place where you can find beautiful flowers that provide color to any landscape.

Garden Design – Planning – Don’t Forget Aesthetics

You probably have some favorite plants you would love to include in your new yard. But before you take the plunge consider the subtleties of these plants before you include them in the final plan.

Garden Design – Planning – Aesthetics Are Important!

This article considers some of the elements crucial for an effective aesthetic design of your landscape. Cooler colors such as blue, purple, deep red and pastels recede thereby making your yard seem larger.

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