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Delicious, Healthy Spices and Herb Garden Plants

If you have herb garden plants not only are they easy to grow but they are able to replace the less healthy things in our diet. Using herbs and spices in your cooking enhances the flavor and adds a better alternative to other additives.

The Decorative Uses of House Plants

Plants are ornaments for the rooms in which you live. Of course, you enjoy them just for themselves, but you can increase your pleasure by selecting plants and placing them where they will be handsome room accents.

Green House Tarps

Why use a clear tarp for green house construction? Tarps provide excellent protection for your outdoor house plants at the same time they help to increase the humidity level that plants thrive on to grow properly and flourish. They are much more economical to install than using glass, yet the clarity is equivalent to glass.

How to Build a Cedar Compost Bin

Building a compost bin of your own can a simple process or a complex one. Some gardeners stick to forming premade wood pallets into a square, forming an instant composter. Others take the time to do more complex bins that will last a lot longer. It all depends on what you want in the end.

Perennial Herb Garden Plants

Perennial herb garden plants are plants that live for at least two years and sometimes longer. These plants flower and seed during the spring or summer and hibernate during the winter. Although perennial plants are low maintenance, they are not set and go plants and do need maintenance so that they can be healthy, grow and thrive.

Herb Garden Plants – Lemon Verbena, Fragrance Divine

One of the lesser known but truly essential herb garden plants, lemon verbena commonly grows to about 1.5 to 2m tall with a wide spread. Our 30 year old lemon verbena now dwarfs the house and needs frequent trimming. The pale green leaves make a lovely showing and afford shade to smaller plants. Standing close to the plant will immediately reveal the origin of its name.

Care of Bonsai Trees – Keep the Grim Reaper From Your Tree

Like all plants bonsai require soil, water and light. The trick in providing the proper care of bonsai trees is seeing they get just the right amount of these crucial elements. While it’s not difficult it does require a little specialist knowledge and without the proper application of that knowledge your bonsai will probably very quickly die.

Beautify Your Garden With a Professional Touch

You can beautify the appearance of your garden or yard by adding a few components that give your entire yard a professional look. Garden edging is not only used to outline, highlight and define an area in your yard, but it also helps to keep the mulch in your garden where it belongs and prevents it from washing out onto the lawn.

Herb Garden Plans – Guide For Beginners

Herb garden plans are easy to follow and make. Just try to understand them and let your creativity do the sketching. You can also design or accentuate your porch, or patio, or kitchen using the different groups of herbs planted in your pots. If you plan to plant herbs for the purpose of drying them and saving them for later use, planting them outdoors is such a great idea.

Plant Trellises Bring Out the Natural Beauty of Your Garden

A trellis is stylish and functional and plant trellises are available in a wide variety of size, shapes and materials. Which type you use depends on the kind of plants you have growing and the overall style of your garden area.

What is Biodynamic Farming?

In the agriculture industry, biodynamic farming is fast becoming an important technique. It is a method of special organic farming that calls for treatment of farms as individual and unified organisms. It emphasizes balance in the holistic interrelationship and development of plants, animals, and soil in a self-nourishing system even without external outputs. This is possible given the usual loss of nutrients in the soil due to continuous and heavy farming.

Black Orchids – Native Only to Central American Jungles

Very few flowers in the world have black pedals. No other variety of orchids is as endangered as the black one. The Black Orchid is not a man made flower.

Starting an Herb Garden is Easy to Do

If you’re ready to get a green thumb, then starting an herb garden is likely the easiest path for you to achieve soil borne satisfaction. They’re easy to get started and they have a bunch of different flavors and uses. Herb gardening might develop a whole new outlook on food and alternative health treatments for you.

Growing Herbs in Pots – Which Herbs to Grow?

When it comes to growing herbs in pots one of the first things you need to decide are which herbs you want. From there you can then look at the other factors that will come into play. Even if you’re not in a good area for your favorite herb, there are ways round it.

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