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English Ivy – An Evergreen Ground Cover For Your Garden

Don’t you have an open area in your landscaping that is just begging for some coverage? Perhaps you have a slope that needs a fast growing, beautiful, plant to hold it together. Maybe you have a new arbor or trellis that you would love to see covered in verdant green.

Preparing Home Lawns – Get Your Home Lawns Ready For Summer Fun!

With the correct groundwork your lawn will be the perfect lawn. Spending a little while in the fall on your home lawns will get your ready to enjoy a summer of fun in place of a summer of frustration. What will you need to accomplish this?

Discover Why Lemon Balm is a Must For Your Home Herb Garden

You can use lemon balm around the house as a fragrant perfume. Use it in the kitchen in just about anything. It has been valued for centuries for medicinal qualities. Discover other little known facts about this versatile herb.

Herb Garden Plants – Thyme Heals all Wounds?

Thyme is an essential addition to your arsenal of herb garden plants. Apart from the culinary virtues of thyme, it is also used for making preservatives using thymol – an essential oil harbored in the thyme plant. The strong aroma of these herb garden plants survives preservation by drying or freezing. Thyme is particularly useful for venison or other game as it’s flavor smoothes the wild taste and survives the slow cooking process.

Indoor Flowering Plants – 3 Reasons Why They Are a Perfect Gift For Any Occasion

Another spectacular flower is the orchid, it has a special charm and elegance. Orchids are a bit of a misunderstood flower, many people think that they are hard to maintain, the reality is that they are very simple. A weekly watering and plenty of in direct light and they are quite happy.

Are You Looking For Helpful Orchid Information?

You can easily get started growing breathtaking orchids with just a little information about growing and caring for a variety of different orchids. However, the best thing is to get specific individual information on a particular variety of orchid.

Indoor Flowering Plants – 3 Reasons Why They Make the Perfect Gift

The rose represents love and romance and the florists certainly do a spectacular trade in them during February. However, there are now many small rose plants which can be bought and keep indoors. These plants will usually also flower twice a year and the flowers will last quite a while.

Benefits to Water Garden Kits

With the explosion of interest in water gardening over the past few years, water garden kits are an exciting and simple to install. The benefits of installing a water garden kit is priceless and will enrich your life for years to come.

Tips on How to Grow an Indoor Or Outdoor Herb Garden

Most people think that methods to grow an herb garden are complicated but in truth, they are quite easy. The great thing is that because no soil is needed, herbs of all types can be grown throughout the year, and the garden could be grown in a window sill, this makes a great project for anyone, even apartment dwellers.

Lilies in the Bulb Garden

Most lilies enjoy sunshine on their flowers, but many like to have roots in the shade and are happy to have half the day in sun and half in shade. For midsummer flowers those from the golden splendor group are hard to beat for their strong stems and scented, trumpet shaped flowers.

Garden Design Tips – Grapevines

There is an almost endless list of things you can do with grapes grown on your very own vine. Wines being the obvious but don’t forget there are jams, juices, baked goodies and of course, just eating them plain.

Starting a Home Herb Garden

Starting an herb garden is an exciting activity. Herbs have a rich history and have been referenced in many ancient documents, showing that herbs have been used by most household throughout history. Herbs are easily grown inside in containers or in an outdoor garden.

Basic Information About Herb Gardening

Both the ancient Chinese and Egyptian cultures made use of herbs regularly. Various medieval documents, as well as the Bible, all discuss the usage of herbs by many people. Herbs serve a wide variety of purposes, so many gardeners choose to include them in their gardens.

Organic Rose Gardening Tips

Organic rose gardening takes some time, but is really worth the time. Roses are like girls – they could be a tiny fussy on occasion, but with the correct tender loving care they can add beauty and grace to too any situation. Many of us are misled into thinking that growing something organically simply means no chemicals are utilized. That is true but there truly is a bit more to it than that.

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