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Monthly Gardening Tips – July

We are now well and truly in the thick of winter and I am feeling it. I have to make a confession right now…I am not a winter lover.

Beyond Its Timeless Beauty

Nowadays, a lot of people are planning to have a gorgeous indoor garden not only to attract visitors but also for home convenience. Planters are very keen to choose the right plants to be displayed in the window, deck, bedroom and living room- golden pothos, anthurium, yucca, arboricola or Boston ferns are great choices to name a few. These are plants that will purify the air and take the bad stuff or toxins out of the house. However, one of the most delicate plants that needs more attention and care is the Gardenia.

Natural Pesticides – What Adult Corn Rootworms Are Afraid of

The grownup corn rootworms emerge in July and can damage corn afterward in the summer months. The grownups will feast upon the upper surface of the foliage, oftentimes concentrating damage in close proximity to the the tips of the leaves. Impairment on leaves appears brown where the lower exterior of the leaf is left behind.

Tomato Growing Information

Growing tomatoes is very easy and simple, and hence it has become a favorite among many people as a garden vegetable. Of course in growing tomatoes everyone would like to know that at the end of the season, they will be reaping healthy and sumptuous looking tomatoes. Well, below are a few tips that should help you to achieve this.

Roses – The History, Care of and Meanings Behind the Most Popular Flower in the World

The rose is one of the oldest plant species and has been a beloved and celebrated flower for thousands of years. Thought to be symbols of love and beauty, poets, artists, florists and gardeners alike delight in the beauty and delicate nature of its fragrant blooms. Ancient Egyptians, Romans and Greeks all celebrated the rose with awe and reverence.

A Few Things That Will Kill Your Wormery Compost

The worms of your wormery compost are completely dependent upon you for support. Without you and the food that you give them, they will starve and die. Make sure what you are putting into your wormery compost is a healthy choice.

The Process of Growing Tomatoes From Seeds

Do you love tomatoes? If you do, then, for sure you will be interest in what this page will talk about and hopefully, that the information that I’m going to share in this article will be a sort of help.

The Most Common Tomato Growing Problems

In growing tomatoes, sometimes problems cannot be avoided. Tomato growing problems only happen when the gardener lack the knowledge in growing tomatoes, do not give much time and care with their tomato plants, or caused by insects and pests that are present in the area. But these problems can be avoided and prevented. Let us first identify the most common problems that growing tomatoes normally encounter.

Making Compost Tea From Your Earthworm Farms

Making compost tea should be the ultimate goal of anyone with earthworm farms. It is absolutely the best thing you can give your plants.

Fringe-Cup is Another Oregon Native Plant to Enliven Your Garden

Fringe-cup is an Oregon Native plant that is perennial and is herbaceous. It belongs to the family of Saxifragaceae. It has deeply fringed petals and bears flowers of different colors including purple and white.

The 3 Most Common Problems For Earthworm Farms

Building earthworm farms can be an easy and fun activity. Still, there are lots of problems that can go wrong when you’re trying to run an ecosystem.

The Best Bedding For Your Earthworm Farms

Using the right bedding for your earthworm farms is a very important aspect of the maintenance of your compost bin. If you choose the wrong thing, not only could you reduce the quality of your compost, but you could even kill your worms.

Start Planning Your Tulip Bed Ahead of Time

If you are planning a special flower bed with tulips, you will need to do some planning ahead of time to make sure that your flower bed turns out to be how you imagined it to be. There are several things that you need to consider before you even purchase your tulip bulbs. Since there are many varieties and types of tulips, you will need to become familiar with the flowering times and heights of the different species of tulips.

Great Ideas For Garden Design

Looking for a great garden design? Read this article to get some good garden design ideas that you can easily use to spice up your garden.

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