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How Creating a Microclimate Will Help You Grow Any Type of Plant

A microclimate can be used in your garden when you want to grow plants in an environment where they don’t usually grow. Things that you can do include installing a fountain, setting up shaded area and blocking out the wind. These techniques will help you grow any type of plant no matter where you are.

Best Containers For Growing Herbs

The best containers for growing herbs are those that support the needs of your plants. Some plants like a dry soil and some like it wet. Making the right pot choices for your plants will keep the moisture level just right for them.

Making the Most of Your Space to Garden

With all the talk of contaminated store-bought vegetables and the cost of those vegetables rising every day, it makes sense to grow your own whenever and wherever possible. People think that growing fruit and vegetables requires a lot of space but that couldn’t be further from the truth with these space-saving tips.

Patio Tree Roses – Discover the Top Three Choices For Your Garden

Patio tree roses are an ideal addition to your patio or garden, especially if you would like to add a little height to your landscape. When choosing a patio tree rose, you will want to choose the most easy care and hardy varieties. Here are our to three recommendations for these beautiful varieties…

Natural Ways to Deal With Pests on Indoor Plants

It is inevitable that insects or another infestation will make its way to your plants at one point or another. If you are dealing with pests in your indoor garden you may want to find a natural way to eliminate them, especially if you have young children or pets in your home. There are ways to do this and most of them require ingredients that you can get at the grocery store.

Soil Treatment Before Planting

Outdoor gardening is more than just plopping in the grown a plant from the nursery. Preparing the soil is the first step to insuring a healthy garden.

Herb Garden Design Tips

Most herbs are hardy plants and can be planted anywhere. However, you can enhance their attractiveness based on where and how you display them. In this article we not only give design tips, but what to plant to make the design come alive as well.

How to Grow Organic Tomatoes – 3 Secrets to Growing Delicious Tomatoes

I would like to share my gardening tips with the world. I am a keen vegetable gardener, let me help you to grow delicious organic tomatoes.

Add Pizzazz to Your Garden With the Climbing Peace Rose

The ever popular prize winning Peace Rose is now available as a jumbo climber. The Climbing Peace Rose is just like the original Peace with petals that are lemony yellow tipped with rosy pink at the edge. As the rose unfolds the color gradually deepens to cerise-pink with ivory yellow center. Imagine the beauty and abundance of blooms and fragrance you will enjoy all season long beginning in June and extending until frost.

How to Create an Indoor Herb Garden

Creating an indoor herb garden can be lots of fun, and can be a tasty addition to your home cooked meals! Fresh herbs can make a world of difference in your meals. Instead of buying them at the grocery store and getting too much at once or a bunch that isn’t as fresh as it could be, grow your own.

11 Tomato Growing Tips to Help the Beginning Enthusiast to Grow Tomatoes From Seeds the Right Way!

Simple tomato growing tips to help the beginning tomato growing enthusiast to grow tomato plants from seeds the right way. From how to start to caring for and transplanting your seedlings.

Garden Decoration Tips

Garden is the most beautiful place in the house. This article explains minor details that can help in preparing your garden for a certain event or occasion. The lightning, the embellishments and the choice of flowers greatly affect the look. For those who are planning a party in their own garden must read.

Most Amazing Birds You Can Find in Your Garden

Bird watching is a very common hobby around United States and Europe. It is better than encaging the wonderful creatures of nature. But if you really want to invite some beautiful birdies in your garden, you must understand what kind of species is common in your area and how to attract them.

Yellow Peril

You wake up one morning and you look in your backyard, there they are, dozens of little tufts of yellow sprinkled around your lawn. They weren’t there yesterday! The fact is they come as a surprise, sneaky, ready to invade an otherwise trouble-free lawn.

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