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How to Build a Small Greenhouse – Cost Effective Greenhouses!

When you build anything you need to first have a plan; that is where how to build a small greenhouse comes in. You can easily do this and if you want to make some money while you are saving money you can do that too.

How to Pot a Plant

Choose a container that is approximately 3 times larger than the root ball of the plant to allow for growth.  Make sure that the container is able to drain water from the bottom; if not, drill a hole in the center of the bottom of the container.

Organic Garden Pest Control to Eliminate Pests

Organic garden pest control – How to eliminate unwanted weeds and pests without the use of harmful chemicals. Protect your health and our environment, while maintaining a beautiful and productive garden.

How to Keep Your Garden Well Maintained and Attractive

Shade gardens, as the name implies, are built on places that do not receive too much sunlight. You can create a shade garden under a tree or beside an office building.

Interesting Containers and Displays For Plants

Plants do not have to be limited to a plastic pot on the floor or hanging baskets! There are many creative and decorative ways to display plants in your home. Wall hangings for for plants are helpful if floor space is limited.

DIY Conservatories – Their Accessories

DIY conservatories cannot be built with just the basic raw materials that are meant to build it. When a DIY conservatory is built it with a reason to make it a living space or any other part of the house for that reason they need accessories to decorate them. These accessories can not be the ones used for the normal buildings as they are catered to the needs of a brick house.

Cultivating Antirrhinums

Antirrhinums are herbaceous perennials. Although strictly perennials, the florist’s antirrhinums are now generally treated as half-hardy annuals or biennials. So great is the improvement in modern strains that most varieties can be relied upon to come almost 100 per cent, true from seed.

Your Patio Garden Design Ideas – Renovation in a Budget

Summer is just around the corner, and people are starting to make plans about going to the beach or taking a nature trek. For landscapers, summer means buying plants and landscaping implements to form new exhibits.

Cultivating the Arabis in Your Garden

Arabis is a hardy annual and perennial trail­ing plant. The perennial species form a useful family of plants. Most of them are quite at home in the rock garden and are also extensively used as edgings to beds and borders. The double flowered form is the one most com­monly used for carpeting beds of spring-flowering bulbs.

Thrift Stores Offer Great Gardening Items

Spring is the perfect time for pulling out all of those planting pots out of the garage or basement. Wipe the cobwebs off and wash them out. Decide which you want to use for inside plants and which for outside plants.

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