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The Top 5 Aromatic Herbs – How to Choose and Combine Their Smells

One of the best things about aromatic herbs is that their scent can trigger great memories. If I told you to think of the smell of garlic, for example, chances are memories would come up alongside it (I always remember me and my first girlfriend cooking together). Put simply one of the strongest forms of memory are those that are ‘olfactory (Scent-based) memories.

Rose Bush Care Gardening Monthly Plan

Of all the plants in your garden, roses require the most attention because of their unique requirements. Roses enjoy living uncluttered and clean. Without attention to the minor details of weeding, cleaning, and mulching, the nutrients they so desperately need will cause them to loss their vibrancy and eventually they’ll wither into nothing but a spindly bed of thorns.

Tips For Taking Care of Fresh Cut Flowers

Fresh cut flowers add vibrancy and color to any room. When people receive a gift of fresh cut flowers, they want to keep them for as long as possible. Fortunately, there are a number of ways to keep fresh cut flowers.

Plant a Vegetable Garden – Easy and Quick Instructions

Remember the days when each property in the street would plant a vegetable garden? Well its about time we started to try this again. Save money and eat healthy!

Indoor Greenhouse Plans and Advice

An indoor greenhouse is the perfect idea if you live in a particularly sunless location. You’ll be able to grow all sorts of plants all year round. There are, like all DIY projects, many options to choose from in terms of style, size, and general design. This article discusses all of these aspects, in addition to where to find the best indoor greenhouse plans.

Introduction to Growing Herbs in Pots

One of the best ways to manage your herb garden is by planting in pots. There are probably more people growing herbs in pots than there are growing them in the ground. Whether you live in an apartment or on a farm, you may want to consider doing so yourself.

Simple Greenhouse Plans For New and Experienced DIY Enthusiasts

You will be able to grow all kinds of plants at any time of the year with a simple backyard greenhouse. It’s one of the easier DIY projects, with a range of sizes and designs available over the internet. This article outlines some of these designs, discusses building materials, and helps you pick the most simple greenhouse plans.

Simple Plans For Building a Greenhouse

Taking a DIY approach to building a greenhouse means saving a whole heap of your hard earned cash. There are a whole range of different styles of greenhouses that you can build, each with it’s own unique characteristics. This article gives you a basic overview of these, and directs you to the next logical step to starting construction.

Plans For a Small Greenhouse – Hot Bed Vs Grow Rack Designs

There are 2 main styles of small greenhouses: the hot bed and the grow rack. Each one has it’s own unique advantages, and both can be built by following some simple plans for a small greenhouse. This article aims to provide you with information on both styles, and directs you to the next step in this great DIY project.

DIY Greenhouse Plans – A Step-by-Step Guide

Constructing your own backyard greenhouse is quite a simple job, especially with the right DIY greenhouse plans. As with all projects of this type, there are many different ways you can go about building. This article provides you with step-by-step instructions for the pre-construction/planning phase of this extremely practical project.

Secrets to Organic Rose Gardening Made Simple

Many modern gardeners are beginning to explore organic rose gardening. The idea sounds new, perhaps an offspring of the green revolution that has only recently taken over the world. It’s simple, natural, and 100% earth-friendly. In this article, we give you all the important knowledge you need so you can ditch those synthetic growing mixes and start producing healthy roses the way Mother Nature does.

Fresh Delicious Tomato Growing Tips

Almost every garden has the all popular tomato as part of the crop because of its popularity and versatility in cooking for the best tasting dishes you want the best tasting tomatoes. Here are a few tomato growing tips for the most delicious tomatoes ever.

How to Have Your Own Vegetable Or Fruit Garden

Having your own vegetable or fruit garden is a good thing that you need to do. In previous years, more and more people have begun to grow their own vegetable or fruit garden. Here are five reasons why you need to make your own kitchen garden and all of them must be checking out.

Grow Your Own Tea Herb Garden

A tea herb garden is a very forgiving introduction to gardening and it is quite an easy way to get started with growing your own herbs. Unlike other kinds of plants, herbs do not require a lot of constant pruning and tending to soil. In fact, herbs prefer soil that is low in nutrients but has some lime. For those looking to start an herb garden, it is recommended to start by replacing the soil with a mixture of even parts potting soil to sand.

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