Foolproof Fungus Gnat Prevention and Control

3 Benefits of Using a Natural Pesticide in Your Vegetable Garden

Last spring, I was feeling like a particularly ambitious apartment-dweller, and decided to plant a small container garden on my balcony. This was my first time trying to really grow anything myself, so there was definitely no lack of frustrations, but the worst thing of all was definitely the bugs. Disgusting, little, waxy, white bugs feasted on my tomato plant and could have destroyed it, if it weren’t for my natural pesticide remedy.

Some of My Favourite Herbs and Their Uses

You don’t have to be an expert to enjoy growing and using herbs. I started my loved affair with herbs with a visit to a small local herb nursery which sold beautiful varieties of lavender, rosemary and thyme as well as herbs I have never heard of. The old lady who owned the nursery was not only knowledgeable but fascinating, with her tales of herb folklore passed down to her from her mother and interesting facts about where each herb came from and its uses. I was soon hooked! I started growing herbs amongst my flower borders until I decided to make a small garden dedicated to just growing these humble but endlessly useful plants. Here are just a few of my favourite herbs for culinary and remedy uses.

Grow Your Own Potatoes From Seed Potatoes

Have you ever considered growing your own potatoes? They are a nutritious and popular vegetable, and everybody has a favourite method of cooking them, whether mashed, boiled or fried. The great thing is that are fairly easy to grow, and below are a few tips to get you started.

Harvesting and Storing Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are delicious, nutritious and remarkably easy to grow. Get the most out of your harvest by following these tips for when to harvest mature sweet potatoes and how to store them.

Growing and Storing Garlic

Garlic is a vibrant, delicious staple in the kitchen, however, most of the garlic purchased at the grocery store is old and the flavor is diluted. With very little effort, you can grow your own garlic in your kitchen garden and experience the difference cooking with fresh garlic can make!

Hydroponics For All – The First Steps

I Watched a TV program the other day about space tourism, where they showed what they called a Luna greenhouse for growing food in space, if that appeals how do you get started? First decide to do it, buy your seedlings and nutrients and ‘have at it’, how hard can it be? Here is how I started.

Fake Grass

Fake grass has improved so much recently you will have problems differentiating the real from the fake grass. So if you are looking to save time and money and go green, then convert to fake grass.

Benefits of Artificial Grass

The use of Artificial Grass by house holders increase ever year. When you look at the significant benefits, you will understand why.

Tips For The Struggling Gardener

Are the leaves on your plants curling and turning yellow? If so they might be infested with aphids. One way to tell if you do have an aphid infestation is to look for ants near your plants. That’s because ants are attracted to the sweet, sticky substance that aphids secrete.

Do Plants Grow Better With Sunlight or Artificial Light? – The Basics

The answer this question is not nearly as simple as many people may believe. In order to survive, plants need light and the amount of light that each plant needs will depend on the characteristics of the plant.

How Does a Rototiller Help Your Gardening?

There are different types and sizes of rototillers. It is necessary for you to know what your requirements for your garden are. In this way, you would be able to choose the best equipment that could help your garden to become better.

Garden Statues and Ornaments

For centuries we have used statues and ornaments to enhance and decorate our gardens and parks. Today, they help make our gardens an extension of our homes. Garden ornaments can be anything from a bird bath to a fountain, an obelisk to a sundial. They include sculpture, statuary, garden furniture, lighting and really anything else we wish to place in our gardens to enhance the design or just add a bit of ourselves into the mix. Have you ever wondered where this trend of decorating our open spaces began and why? And if you are interested in choosing an ornament or statue for your own garden, where do you start?

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