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Grassland in Mid Spring Naturalized Bulbs

One of the real stars of mid spring is the delicate snake’s head fritillary. Their white or lilac heads hand demurely among the short grass, each flower an exquisite chessboard pattern of intricate veining. Their season overlaps with the early dwarf daffodils and primroses, but the fritillaries will continue to flower with the later bulbs and cowslips.

How to Make a Do it Yourself Planting Box

So, you love plants and flowers but woefully lack the space to indulge in your hobby? Container gardening may be the answer to your problem as you can grow flowers, plants, herb and even vegetables in containers and strew them around the house.

Tips to Containers Garden Costs

Container gardening is a brilliant concept for houses with no garden or outdoor space and it can be done easily with only a few pots put up in the patio or the balcony or even the window sill. Containers garden costs need not be exorbitant and can be kept to the minimum with a few of these ideas.

Gardening Guidelines That Any Cultivator Will Find Useful

There are lots of people that worry too much in caring with their plants and they really look for some basic tips that can help them to work more efficiently while enjoying their passion of gardening. But, gardening can be easy and worry free especially when you have a few basic guidelines to follow.

Late Spring Bulb in a Garden

Although most of the daffodils and many of the tulips are now over, there is still a wealth of other bulbs to enjoy at this time of year. Late flowering tulips are among the most exciting, both in color and shape. Parrot tulips produce superb buds, with the petals tightly wrapped around each other, before opening to reveal sumptuous, full bodied flowers, with streaks of secondary colors.

Late Spring Borders in the Garden

Late flowering Tulips bridge the seasons between mid-and-late spring, enjoying the longer days and warmer temperatures. This group includes some of the most sensational tulips of all, particularly the parrot types, with their full bodies and curvy petals. Tulip fantasy is a mixture of salmon pink and reds, with flushes of yellow and green, and it looks wonderful when it is grown with lime green or deep bronze foliage plants.

English Herb Garden

A track of land to grow is frequently a separate area in the garden, dedicated to growing a particular group of plants identified as herbs. These gardens may be informal pieces of vegetation, or they may be cautiously designed, even to the point of assembling and trimming the plants to shape particular models. On the other hand, if you don’t have an outdoor garden, you can even cultivate an herb garden at home in containers or in an herb gardening kit. An English herb garden may consist of a mix of practical and decorative plants.

Organic Herb Gardening

Organic herb gardening is a wonderful way to add beauty to your landscape or to your kitchen and sun room. You can plant herbs directly into your vegetable garden or flower garden, or you can grow them in containers that you can place anywhere you wish. If you don’t have the space for a full-size garden, growing your organic herbs in containers is a great way to go.

Windowsill Herb Garden – A Great Way to Have Fresh Herbs Right at Your Fingertips

Part of the fun when it comes to growing herbs is to use them to add flavor and creativity to your cooking. All the more reason to plant a windowsill herb garden right in your kitchen. That way all you have to do is reach out and pluck the herbs right off the plant to use for dinner, what could be neater?

Care of Bonsai Trees Brings Rewards

There is something therapeutic about the growing and care of bonsai trees. A great deal of pleasure can also be found in gazing at the wonderfully aesthetic shapes you help create, and in marvelling at the forces of nature, tamed to your will.

Caring For Bonsai Trees – Root Pruning – It’s a Little Bit Scary the First Time

It is common knowledge that the secret of keeping your bonsai both healthy and miniature is to prune not just its branches but the trunk and roots. Pruning is a scary aspect to those that are new to caring for bonsai trees, as pruning roots damages a plant, restricting its ability to take up water and nutrients while pruning branches must be done carefully to ensure that you end up with your desired shape.

Organic Pest Prevention – 10 Dos and Don’ts For Your Garden

Going organic is not as hard as you might think. These 10 Do’s and Dont’s are based on not letting the “bad” pests gain a foothold in your vegetable and flower gardens. Most plants are far tougher than we tend to think they are, and can take some pest damage and still thrive. This does not mean just let mother nature take her course either.

Some Beautiful Winter Flowers For the Garden

Growing winter flowers in our garden is a rare sight to see particularly if we live in an area that gets very cold winters. Winter flowers will brighten anyone’s day during the dreary cold days of winter even if they also include colorful berries.

Fragrant Orchids

Fragrant orchids are a pleasure to raise for their sweet perfume and exotic appearance. There are certain species of orchids that are more fragrant than others. Learn about fragrant orchids in this article.

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