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Designing a Small Hobby Garden

Hobby garden as the name suggests is merely a leisure pursuit and has nothing to do with formal garden. It has a small patio area, which is small enough to accommodate sun-loungers or chairs.

The Phal Orchid – A Great Beginner’s Choice

The Phal or Phalaenopsis orchid is one the most popular orchids and is used in weddings and other floral arrangements. It’s great appeal is that it is easy for beginners to grow. Following simple guidelines concerning the pot, watering, and humidity will ensure that your orchid will be healthy and produce abundant blooms.

Designing a Small Garden Sloping Towards the House

Garden that sloping towards the house has its own advantages and disadvantages. The advantage of having such garden perhaps is that you can view everything in it.

Feeding and Watering a Container Garden

Once the plants are planted, the main thing is to be considered is the feeding plants at appropriate times, so they may grow easily. Once plants are established and well rooted, a proper feeding program can be started off. Care should be taken that the feed should be applied in the growing seasons – summers, spring and early autumn. Plants in containers should be fed every 2 weeks, but pot bound containers should be fed weekly.

Garden Art – Transplanting Trees

Your home and garden could be enhanced by planting trees as well as shrubs of the right kind. First of all you are lucky to have the extra space around the home so use it wisely. Bringing out the natural beauty of flowering and non flowering perennials is what you should be aiming for and hence you need to put in right kind of effort in maintaining your garden area.

Leaf Raking In Autumn

Nothing could beat the experience of autumn time, which is one of the most beautiful seasons in the year. The orange and brown hues that the earth takes on simply mesmerize and de-stress anyone. It is during this time of the year that the leaves dry up and can turn into an attractive shade of brown, yellow, gold or red. Leaves of many deciduous trees will turn into interesting colors just for a brief period of seven to ten days.

The Epidendrum Orchid

The epidendrum orchid or epi is considered as a mega-genus within the orchid family, since it has more than 1,100 species. Its name is called after their epiphytic growing habit, although not all epidendrums live upon trees and are not epiphytes at all. This genus was established by Carolus Linnaeus in 1763 by including all the epiphytes orchids that he knew at that time. Later it was determined that some of the species were not epiphytes and belongs to other species or subspecies.

Take Care of Your Roses

Healthy Roses have a reputation for being obstinate to take care of, but there are certain keys or secrets to watering, sunlight and sprucing that can help your take back control of your roses and force them to prosper. Follow these essential and simple steps to care for your roses and remember that they will not keel over and die if you forget to follow the routine once and again.

Going Green With Green Manure

Having a spacious garden around your home is one of the biggest blessings you can have, especially if you are a senior. There is so much time on hand that you really don’t know what to do. How about adding green manure to your garden? Soils of various types are necessary for growing shrubs as well as trees.

Watering Seeds Is An Art

The garden takes more than your praise. This special space in or around the home calls for special attention too and this needs to be ongoing. Seeds cannot be sown at any time of the year. It is usually during the first quarter of the year that seeds are best sown. Depending on the type of plant, seeds can be sown during the third quarter especially in the months of August or September.

Vegetable Gardening – As If By Magic!

There’s no doubt about it vegetable gardening is hard work. So how good would it be if there was a vegetable garden that didn’t require any of those things, that would almost be magic wouldn’t it and do you know what – it’s totally possible!

Mother Nature – The Head Gardener!

Like most vegetable gardeners, I’ve spent hours outside, weeding, planting, watering, and digging. All you need is to make a few changes in the garden, in a sense creating an eco system and it won’t be long before there are significant changes occurring for the better in that vegetable plot.

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