Four Beautiful Mums, Four Gorgeous Fall Containers!

The Different Textures of Your Backyard

The most luxurious estates are not exemplary because of the expensive landscape supply they showcase, although they offer an insignificant contribution. They appear so lavish and plush because of the brilliant play on range and texture. Getting your small yard on a level pegging as the rich and famous is easy if you follow these simple rules.

The C’s of Garden Soil Remediation

Urban dwellings most likely lie on contaminated land, especially developed land that used to be a factory or chemical warehouse. This can make it hard to grow healthy gardens in your backyard. There are a few simple soil remediation procedures you can perform to decrease the toxicity of your soil.

Planting Bulbs and Trees in the Fall

For those who live in the warm southern part of the USA, fall is the main season for planting almost everything. For those who live in the 4-seasons regions, fall is the ideal time to plant spring-flowering bulbs, fruit trees, and some perennials.

Low-Maintenance Garden Plants For The Novice Gardener

Not everyone is a gardener like Martha Stewart. Although many plants are tricky to care for, there are garden plants for the novice gardener. These easy plants are low-maintenance enough even for the neglectful gardener.

Get The Most From a Plastic Greenhouse

Many choose to buy their supplies of fruit and vegetables from the supermarket or greengrocer, but have you ever thought of growing your own? Plastic greenhouses have been around for many years now and have changed size, shape and structure to allow the optimum conditions for growing your own tasty vegetables! Imagine juicy red tomatoes, ripe green cucumbers and crunchy lettuce just feet away from your own door in your own plastic greenhouse.

Getting Your Garden Ready for Winter

With the summer months receding into distant memory, now is the time for the astute gardener to turn her thoughts to the harsher winter months and prepare her garden accordingly. Forethought and action now can help your prized plot emerge from the wintry depths in a better condition than would otherwise be the case.

How to Create a Raised Bed Garden

Raised bed gardening refers to gardens whose surfaces are higher than the surrounding ground, whether they’re in the yard or on a patio or deck. Most raised beds are constructed by building large boxes to hold the garden soil approximately 8 inches higher than the surrounding ground; but, it is also possible – and sometimes quite practical – to simply mound up the soil into rows of raised beds without any additional support at all.

Identification of the Japanese Knotweed

During summer, the Japanese knotweed can grow 10 cm each day up to 4 meters. The weed continues its territorial stake with dense population with bamboo-like stems that are hollow and green in color with red speckles.

Pros and Cons of the Japanese Knotweed

The Japanese knotweed is quite versatile in its uses. It was originally intended to feed field animals, prevent soil erosion and be a decorative plant with its small white and creamy flowers. Its root extract was highly sought after for Chinese medicine.

The Intriguing Japanese Knotweed

This hardy weed is native to Japan although it can be widely found in Korea and China. The best spots would be the volcanic slopes which give an insight of its hardiness.

Interesting Truths on the Japanese Knotweed

The Japanese knotweed sprouts in early spring as fat green stalks spotting red speckles pushing their way out of the ground they laid buried until then. Young Japanese knotweed is hardly recognizable with little identifiable characteristics but as it grows, one can identify their tall and hollow bamboo-like stalks with creamy or white flowers that can spike up to 13 feet. Characteristics The Japanese knotweed would look closely resembling the bamboo family but there is no relation whatsoever.

How To Weedeat Like A Pro – Part II – Edging

Edging with a purpose designed stick edger is preferred and much safer, but some people prefer to “edge” with their trimmer. This article will help you do that.

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