From 54 to 28 to 7 Tomato Varieties

Ideas on Starting Indoor and Outdoor Organic Gardens

This article will tell you about special plants which you can easily grow in your organic garden. Find out more about the joys of having your own organic garden at home.

Cherub Garden Statues – The Cherubim Celestial Angel

Cherub garden statues are popular garden ornaments and replicate perfectly the celestial winged being that is the cherub. They are sweet angelic creatures with delicate features. The Cherub or Cherubim are celestial figures that have wings and usually take the form of humans, either young men or children, however animal cherubs also exist in some cultures.

HPS Grow Light Systems

Your lighting system is one of the most important, and most expensive aspects to your grow system. Having a good grow light system can make or break the quality of your end product. Today, we are going to discuss HPS light systems.

Why I Love Lawn and Garden Statues and Figurines

Have you seen the Precious Moments garden boy with the wheelbarrow or the garden girl with the umbrella? They are so adorable with their angelic appearance. Why are they so appealing?

Why I Love Lawn and Garden Ornaments

I feel that lawn and garden ornaments are an effective way to personalize your outdoor living space, just like pictures and knick-knacks personalize your indoor living space. Everyone has their own unique style, likes and dislikes and it shows in the way you decorate.

Tomato Growing – How to Stop Tomato Hornworms From Stealing Your Stash

Have you ever looked at your tomatoes one day and they were growing fine, but then the next day they were totally defoliated? You probably have tomato hornworms in your garden. Tomato hornworms are steadfast consumers. Continue reading to find out what you can do to naturally control this garden pest.

Flowers and Their Meanings – Flowers Are a Great Way to Communicate Your Love

Flowers have had meanings attached to them as far back as biblical times. Early cultures used flowers to express sentiments in much the way that we do today. During the Victorian era, flowers truly “blossomed” as a way to express feelings without speaking.

Gardeners Secrets – Log Stores

There is much you can do to add a touch of elegance to your garden; flower beds and a well trimmed lawn are the obvious starting point but there are many secrets employed by gardeners and landscapers to add that special touch that can create the perfect outdoor setting. Features are one method that people employ and while many people look to rock gardens, fountains and sculptures there are other features that offer a rustic ornamental feature that can beautify most gardens but also have a practical application too. Log stores are commonly thought of as only used…

5 Reasons to Start Organic Vegetable Gardening

Did you know you can grow your own organic vegetables? It is possible and more and more people are turning to organic vegetable gardening. You might be surprised with all the benefits you could get from this project. Here are five reasons why growing organic vegetables is worthwhile.

When and How to Plant a Rose

There is more to planting roses than knowing how deep the hole should be for your plant. The size of the hole is going to accommodate the root system, and accommodate the fertilizer that you add to your rose. Before you begin planting them, you need to figure out where the best location is in your yard or garden.

Some Useful Tips For Growing Roses From Seeds

Growing your roses from seeds takes some commitment but is well worth the effort in the long run. Follow these useful tips to make the job easier and gain maximum pleasure.

Metal and Wooden Garden Sheds – What’s the Difference?

There are many types of garden sheds we can see in different backyards. The two types of sheds frequently used are the wooden and the metal shed. Garden sheds as we all know are used for storage of tools and gardening materials whenever we are done using them.

Rubbermaid Garden Sheds – Should You Get One?

Rubbermaid specializes in producing small to medium-sized device sheds, lots of which are sometimes freestanding and deep vertically. Principally, Rubbermaid’s sheds is available in several different shapes and sizes. They include small deck containers, horizontal and vertical garden sheds, and some other storage shed designs – the tallest Rubbermaid shed is about more than a length of six ft ordinarily.

Yardlong Beans – A Missing Gem From Many American Gardens

This article is a straightforward overview of Yardlong Beans and their characteristics. If you want pertinent facts without fluff this source is for you.

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