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Heirloom Seeds For Long-Term Survival and Self-Sufficiency

Heirloom seeds, sometimes referred to as emergency or survival seeds, are often included in emergency and disaster stockpiles. These type of seeds are the best recommended seeds for a survival garden. Heirloom are non-hybrid seeds and are not chemically-treated. Heirlooms or non-hybrid seeds are often packaged with planting instructions.

Aloes – Surprising Succulents

Aloes are surprisingly easy to grow. They are water-wise and an essential for every garden. They are incredibly hardy but their hardiness is just part of their charm.

The Joy of Magnolias

In early spring, the magnolia is one of the garden’s most welcome arrivals. Its large felt covered buds open from late April until early May, providing welcome colour with its globe-like flowers. Magnolia trees can be accommodated in all sizes of garden. They can be small and delicate with a height of around 3m or grow to impressive proportions of up to 20m. Here is a short guide to growing magnolias and looking after them, along with some stunning varieties for your garden.

Growing Okra at Home

Okra is very easy to grow and can be used in many delicious dishes. Like tomatoes, it can harvested over a period of time so that you have an ongoing supply…

Gardening Tips for Those With Creatures in the Night!

Wildlife is wonderful…until they start nibbling on your prized fruit and vegetable patch! The solutions may well lay in the “Hierarchy of Control” which can be used in many garden solutions for reducing the risk of any hazard (Creature in the Night).

The Benefits Of Plants

While many people understand the importance of plants in regards to the creation of oxygen through the photosynthesis process, there are many other benefits of vegetation that do not often come to mind when one thinks of or sees bushes, trees, shrubs and flowers.

Spring Has Sprung – Gardening Begun – 5 Health Tips to Prevent Injury

Gardening season is here and it is easy to over do it when getting started. Here are some health tips to prevent injury.

Five Tips to Improve Your Garden

As the summer months are quickly approaching, your garden will become a key part of your home. From lounging around enjoying the summer sunshine, entertaining friends and family with a BBQ and drinks, or if your simply wanting to relax and enjoy life. Your garden will become an important part of your life where you some of the most precious memories will happen.

Gardeners Tips for Keeping Garden Tools in Excellent Condition

There is often a saying that an English Gardener genuinely is as good as his tools and no truer phrase has ever been spoken in Jest. A Gardener won’t be able to work his magic without looking after his tools and conserving them in excellent working order.

Growing Hydroponic Strawberries – Planting Method

Strawberries grown hydroponically grow faster than the ones grown in soil. Growing strawberries hydroponically will also save you from the troubles of weeds or parasites.

Compost and Garden at the Same Time: Lasagna Gardening

Creating a garden can be a daunting task specifically if you do not have ample space to put your plants in, plus an unsuitable soil medium. Rather than torturing your brain, try the proven beneficial method of lasagna gardening. This type of gardening works in many ways.

Spruce Up For Spring

Spring time is coming in like a freight train and each year I try to remember my to-do lists of the past to really spruce up the yard for spring. Each spring the journey to complete the beautification of the exterior of my home becomes a race against time. Living in the Deep South the heat, humidity and torrential rain are as common as sunshine.

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