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Do You Have the Best Soil For Growing Vegetables?

What is the best soil for growing vegetables? Every part of the country has a different soil make up and the nutrients can vary widely. Basically a mix of clay sand and peat are a good start for your garden. If you live where the soil is not too good, such as south Florida coastal areas which are sandy, you need to build up your soil quality.

Growing Redcurrants – Shade Growing Fruit

You don’t need a large garden to grow redcurrants. They are ideal for a semi-shade position and can be grown in the dappled shade under trees. One thing they do need is rich moist soil. The currants are ideal for serving fresh or made into jams, jellies, pies and wine-making.

Great Low Light Plants For Indoors

There are many reasons why one would be interested in low light plants. They may be limited in usable square footage for a garden. Some may be fans of them, or they may just be unfortunate enough to live under a very large Oak tree.

Tomato Planting Tips to Help You Produce the Best Tomatoes

Companion planting is a way to control pests and diseases on your tomato plants without having to spend a lot of time spraying. This methods is not 100% full-proof but it does help a lot in the control of these annoying problems with tomato planting. Find out which plants to grow.

Got Bugs?

As soon as the temperatures start to rise and the days get longer, plants start to grow, and so do the insect populations. A few of these pests are aphids, fungus gnats, spider mites, and mealybug.

Designing an Herb Tea Garden

Herbal teas are becoming the order of the day. More and more people are drinking herbal teas nowadays. Herbal teas are the staple beverage in many countries. It would certainly be more enjoyable if you were to grow your herbal teas in your own yard. Let us design a nice easy herb garden in which we can sit and drink our tea harvested in our garden.

How to Know When to Plant Roses

Prior to planting roses, you must first consider the proper timing – when is the ideal time to plant roses? This is a major concern for many gardeners because time, energy and money may be wasted if there are errors in timing. Roses must be planted at a definite time.

How Often Should Tomato Plants Be Watered?

Now, the question ‘how often should tomato plants be watered’ is one that often leaves gardeners confused and clueless. The result is that they end up either providing too little water to the soil or over watering it.

Why Organic Gardening?

Surprisingly, in this day and age, there are still people who question what organic gardening is about. Organic gardening is gardening with nature, as opposed to against nature using chemicals to achieve the same results.

Best Growing Tomatoes – Does Burying Fish Help Your Tomato Plants?

Learning how to produce the best growing tomatoes you can does not mean you have to be the most skillful gardener around, but, knowing a few basics will make the experience easier and fun. Many gardeners strongly believe that burying fish helps your tomato plants. The various fish parts, such as the bones, heads, and guts contain many beneficial nutrients.

Closet Grow Room

Do you love fresh flowers and vegetables? Want to be able to grow all the fresh veggies you want year around? With a self contained closet grow room system you can easily set it up anywhere that you have some extra space, a spare closet or in the corner of your garage or basement and grow fresh veggies all year round!

Gardening Books – A Great Resource

Irrespective of whether you’re in the depths of your wintertime gardening doldrums or at the peak of your veggie harvesting, gardening books may constitute a useful and corroborative resource in your preparation, diagnosing of issues and a secure place to dream of the garden you would love to bear. They can show you attractive garden ideas or serve to distinguish that bothersome vine in the backyard.

Simple Steps You Must Take For Growing Tomatoes From Seeds the Right Way

Growing tomatoes from seeds is manageable and easy. Though it needs time and care, it can be incredibly fulfilling and rewarding. You may buy seeds at a reputable store and try different varieties by checking the back of the packets. To mention a few varieties we have the heirloom, the hybrid tomatoes, beef-steak type tomato, plum tomatoes, evergreen and many more.

The Colors of Spring

If someone asked you what your favorite season is, what would you answer? If you’ve read any of my articles, you know my answer would be spring!

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