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Tips For Successfully Growing Roma Tomato Plants Indoors Or Out!

If you like the idea of making your own tomato sauces and ketchup then you should consider growing roma tomato plants. If you are new to gardening tomatoes then this probably one of the best varieties to start with as regards to ease of care and tasty results.

How to Propagate Orchid Stems

Orchids are some of the easiest plants to propagate from cuttings. To do it right you need to know the right place on the stem to cut. To know the right place you have to know something about the orchid that you’re choosing to propagate.

The Art of the Bonsai Tree

Choosing your first Bonsai tree is going to depend on a few things, the biggest thing being here you plan to place your tree once you get it home. Are you going to keep it indoors or outdoors?

The Best Bulbs For Your Indoor Garden Plants

Indoor garden plants can thrive with no sun thanks to compact fluorescent plant light bulbs. Windows are made redundant with wide spectrum compact fluorescents.

Benefits of Urban Agriculture

Urban farming is a very enjoyable and rewarding activity that all people should try. It offers a lot of benefits that you could take advantage of.

Care Tips For Your Pergola

There are many factors that can contribute to a pergola that is looking worse for wear. From vines that are strangulating to over grown shrubbery your pergola is subject to the plants in and around your out door area as they grow and become more established.

What is Garden Drip Irrigation?

Are you planting and preparing your gardens? If so, now is the time to think about watering your garden vegetables and flowerbeds. Drip irrigation, also called trickle irrigation, is a method of watering garden plants and flowers.

Backyard Landscaping Ideas – Fitting in a Small Garden Design

If you have a area larger than a window box to work with, you have enough room to add a small garden to your space. Here are a couple of tips to consider when working on your design.

Ten Best Tomatoes Ever

Everyone loves fresh, home-grown tomatoes. Here are the best-tasting ones you can grow, as judged by tomato-lovers.

Companion Plants Are Garden Superheroes

Companion plants are plants that can benefit neighbor plants just by their proximity. Like green avengers, companion plants can rescue or protect certain other plants from…

Growing Herb Gardens Indoors is Very Popular

Growing herbs inside is easier than one would think. Most herbs grow very well in containers and in fact some, like the mints, are better in pots because they have a really rampant growing style that can take over a garden in no time at all if left to their own devices. Growing pots of herbs on the kitchen windowsill is very popular and it does have a lot of advantages too.

Proper Planting and Cultivating of Your Garden

What is the proper way in cultivating and planting your favorite garden? As long as you consider gardening as one of your passions, or you simply like to have a beautiful landscaping look in the premises of your home, you will really do all your best and all the possibilities for it to have a very good outcome.

Improve Those Stubborn Brown Spots in Your Lawn With Grass Plugs

Sometimes homeowners have those troublesome brown patches of grass in their yards, where it just doesn’t seem to want to grow. If you find yourself in this unfortunate situation, you might want to think about trying out grass plugs to get your lawn looking much nicer.

Growing Hanging Tomato Plants – How to Grow Tomatoes If You Don’t Have a Garden!

There’s a gardener in all of us and growing our own tomatoes is one of the easiest ways to begin. Growing hanging tomato plants is simple to do and can fit around even the busiest of lifestyles. If limited space is a problem, then growing your plants upside down in a hanging planter is the perfect answer.

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