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Tips On How to Grow Upside Down Tomatoes

If you want to grow healthy and juicy tomatoes, try to plant upside down tomatoes today. This is your best option in case you live in the metro and there is very minimal amount of soil available.

The Benefits of Worm Farming – For Effluent Reduction and Reuse

When dairy farmers clean out their milking sheds and yards the manure builds up into a slushy effluent over time in pits which need to be emptied. There are several options for doing this all of which are time consuming and costly.

Preparing Perennial Gardens for Winter

Fall cleanup and protecting your perennials from the harsh winter elements is one of the reminders that the growing season is over and it is now time to prepare your perennials for winter. Maintaining general cleanup throughout the summer keeps your perennial gardens looking great, but keeping your perennials looking good into the fall and putting them to rest for the winter starts with as much care as you put into getting your gardens ready for the spring. The final cleanup in the fall should begin after your area has had several frosts that have killed plants…

Sprout Something With Your Little Sprouts

Gardening with children helps them to attain healthy eating habits since they will be more likely to eat and enjoy foods they grow themselves. Additionally, gardening provides a natural toy for children. They love playing in the dirt anyway right?

About the Epidendrum Orchid

The Epidendrum orchid is popular with home orchid hobbyists because of its great variety of sizes and flower variations. With reasonable attention you can expect to have plants that will produce fragrant blooms in a variety of colors all year long.

How To Grow Grape Vines In The Backyard

Learning how to grow grape vines in the backyard has become a popular idea for many people. It’s a great way to save money and to also make a good impact on the earth and it’s fragile Eco system. Many people have caught onto the craze of eating organic food but it’s often too expensive for most families to afford. This in turn has created a backyard garden revolution where people have turned to growing things fresh. Fruits, vegetables and other root plants are popping up in neighborhoods all over the planet.

Bluebirds, Swallows and Birdhouse Placement

You want Bluebirds and Swallows, and lots of them. What can you do? Actually the solution is pretty easy.

Surrounded by African Violets

Stop and smell the Violet. This is one gorgeous plant.

Tips on Orchid Pruning

Pruning orchids is not as difficult as many would believe. With the right tools and procedures you can safely prune your plant whether it is to produce more blooms, shape the plant or remove diseased parts.

Soil Conditions For Roses

Roses ideally like a deep, good quality loam, not waterlogged or sour, but well supplied with plant foods and stiff enough to allow the roots to find a congenial cool run. Yet many successful rose growers have to produce their plants and blooms under quite contrary conditions to these.

Is Your Favorite Candy Store Located at Your Local Plant Nursery?

What’s the difference between a candy store and our local nursery? Not that much except color, texture, multitude and a very deep wallet.

Planting Roses Made Easy

Roses can be planted in the open ground at any time from Autumn to Spring, but from past experience I have found that Late Autumn is probably the most favourable time. Nowadays most gardeners grow some roses in old food cans or large treated paper pots and from these they can be transplanted at any time, even in mid-summer, provided moist soil is kept around the roots.

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