Garden Tour: Unveiling The “California Garden” Once And For All!

Getting Started With Compost

With summer now arriving, many of us are looking at our back gardens mournfully, knowing its time to begin tidying them up to allow us to enjoy the warmer months. Lawns, plants and flowers can often look rather lacklustre after a hard winter, so ensuring they are kept well-fed throughout the summer is essential for a healthy and blooming garden. Composting is by far the best method of feeding and ensuring a healthy back garden, and while many people are put off by the mess and not knowing how to begin; however, composting is neither messy nor difficult and…

Adding a Wooden Bench To Your Garden

Building wooden garden benches is not hard, and is a satisfying way to enhance your garden. You will need to consider size and design – for instance a bench with a back and sides is quite a different animal to one without.

Aquaponics 4 You Review – Is It a Legitimate Product?

One of the questions that came to mind as I was working on this Aquaponics 4 You review is that whether or not you can truly get organic vegetables from the system. I know there are so many factors in 100% organic gardening that it made me wonder about it.

How to Safely Use Garden Chemicals

Garden chemicals, most commonly known to us as pesticides, are chemical substances that are meant to prevent pest manifestation or kill currently present pests. There are different types of garden chemicals such as insecticide, fungicide, bactericide, rodenticide, and herbicide, among others.

Protecting Your Garden From Hungry Deer

In spring you plant your garden confident that you’re going to have the greatest crop ever. Imagine your chagrin, however, if you get out of bed one morning, look out at your pride and joy, and see deer grazing on the tender little sprouts. You need to take steps to protect your garden from them, or your fresh veggie dreams will cease to be a reality.

Advantages of a Small Vegetable Garden

As food prices continue to rise and food contamination stories continue to propagate the nightly news, it is time to take action and provide for ourselves by planting a small vegetable garden. Here are five advantages of starting a small vegetable garden.

Vinyl Arbors Have Many Advantages and Can Be Found in All Shapes

Your first choice may not be a vinyl arbor, but because they come with so many different advantages, it should maybe be. Whilst in the past, most arbors were made of purely natural wood or steel, you may now find that there is absolutely a huge wide variety of vinyl arbors available that seem just as wonderful.

Beginner’s Lawn Care

Quick beginner’s guide to lawn care. Tips on how to choose the right grass and soil to plant your new seeds.

Redwood Arbors – And How to Choose the Right One?

One of the easiest and most affordable ways to improve the look and feel of your entire home is a redwood arbor. Don’t miss out on the opportunity. The introduction of an arbor, a trellis, or an arch to almost any outdoor property can easily right away turn it into something quite special.

The Many Benefits of Metal Garden Sheds And Buildings

Our homes are more than just spaces to put our bodies; they’re extensions of our psyche and a large part of the way we perceive ourselves. A trip around a person’s home whom you have no prior relationship can say a million words about what kind of person they are, what interests they hold and who they are (obviously, wandering into strangers homes and looking around isn’t recommended too heavily).

Growing Organic Food: What’s In It for Us?

Anyone can grow crops even without a large area dedicated for this activity. Unless you want to grow crops to sell and not just for your own consumption, a garden with space to set pots on is enough. The quality of the crops is not defined by how large the area where they are planted is. A crop will grow healthily with these factors: good soil, proper amount of sunlight, and your commitment to take care of them everyday.

8 Must Know Tips on How To Grow Tomatoes

Have you ever been disappointed with how your tomato plants produce? Whether you are growing your plants in a garden or a planter box, a beginner or a seasoned gardener, these 8 tips will help you grow beautiful tomatoes.

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