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The Power of Flowers

Discover the power of flowers. From edible to medicinal to just plain beautiful, this informative article covers it all.

The Power of Flowers

Discover the power of flowers. From edible to medicinal to just plain beautiful, this informative article covers it all.

How to Compost in an Apartment – Meet the Bokashi Food Recycling System!

How to compost in an apartment or small space. Using Bokashi fermentation to minimize smells and speed along the process.

Mount Birdhouses on Poles

Mount Birdhouses on poles, not on trees. You can put up birdhouses for cavity-nesting birds, and put up nest boxes for non-cavity nesting birds.

Why You Should Use Organic Weed Control Methods

Weeds can damage your vegetable garden. The best way to ensure your crops stay healthy and safe is to prevent weeds from growing. Read on to discover some organic weed control methods.

Where to Put Birdhouses

Let’s start out with where not to put birdhouses: in trees. The reason for this is that trees are easy to climb – for snakes, and cats, and raccoons – all animals who think that birds and their eggs are a good dinner.

Small Greenhouses and the Home Garden – The Results Are Delicious!

Greenhouses help you maximize your home garden. Adding a small greenhouse to your backyard garden will actually extend your growing season and increase your crops regardless where you live. Not only will a greenhouse extend your growing season and help you grow more productive plants, a greenhouse can actually give you multiple crops of many varieties of delicious, home-grown produce.

How Do I Grow Tomatoes From Seed?

Growing tomatoes is better than buying them in the grocery store. A tomato grown at home tastes better than those bought in the commercial stores. Tomatoes need 95 degrees and below daytime temperature and 55 degrees and more nighttime temperature. Temperature not within these ranges may harm your tomatoes.

Missed Planting in the Spring? It’s Not Too Late

We’ve all been there, when it gets to this time of year and you wish you had thought about planting seeds and doing your garden earlier. Before you know it, its the middle of summer and with the wet weather we have been having recently, is it even worth attempting anything? There are plenty of flowers and vegetables that grow and bloom in the later months, so really there are no excuses!

Digging In To Understand Your Soil

Understanding soil types is foundational to soil improvement. Learn how the factors of soil structure, nutrient content, pH, and tilth influence the health of your soil and the steps you can take to improve it.

Honda Eu3000is For Long Lasting Power Supply

Honda eu3000is is a generator manufactured by Honda, a corporation that focuses on automobile products and utilities. Choosing Honda generators makes your life easier one of their top sellers is the eu3000is. Eu3000is is a member of the EU generator family and is known for its precision and quality.

Getting the Right Lawn Mower

Gone are the days when people had to strain their backs using hand-held grass shears and endure an unsatisfactory outcome. For decades, motor lawn mowers have evolved from the type worked by animals to the robotic cutting-edge design mowers that we have today.

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