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Grape Tomato – The Amazing Popularity

The grape tomato has become one of the most popular varieties of tomatoes on the market today. It is smaller than the cherry tomato and much sweeter. It is as easy to grow and and has become a favorite snack food among consumers.

How to Keep Your Garden Alive Through Winter

This winter has been historically harsh, not good news for gardening lovers, or gardens! Here are a few tips to making the most out of your garden space through the cold months.

Prepare Your Soil For Vegetable Gardening

Careful soil preparation is always at the top of the pile in a vegetable garden design tips list. It takes a lot of effort and time involved in gardening and yet you can only know if you have been doing it right or wrong in at least a few weeks. So preparation and proper planning is critical, unless of course you want to learn through experience and you have time to spare.

Windowsill Herb Garden – Easy Access to Your Favorite Home-Grown Herbs

Windowsills are ideal places to grow herbs, especially those you’ll be using in the kitchen. But, some herbs are better suited than others for these miniature herb gardens.

What Flowers Can Grow Well in a Rock Filled Plant Bed?

Rock filled flower beds, or rock flower gardens, have become quite popular in recent years. They make for a lovely decorative feature to the property and they make for a fun hobby.

Ceramic Garden Stool

These cute little barrel shaped garden stools are an excellent way to add to your comfort in the garden. Although they are known as stools, they make lovely coffee and drinks tables as well. They’re perfect for when you’re having a glass of wine in the evening with friends on the patio and big enough to hold a couple of plates of dainty sandwiches or cakes, if you like to take afternoon tea outside in the fresh air on a warm day.

It Really is Easy Growing Herbs in Pots

Are you wondering about the best way to grow your herb garden? The benefits of growing herbs in pots are many. Growing herbs can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be. Read on to find out the easiest way to grow your herbs to perfection.

A Small Greenhouse is Really Easy to Build

If you’ve decided to build a greenhouse but don’t have the patience or the cash to construct anything grandiose, consider going micro. Small greenhouses are effective, time and cost efficient, and produce brilliant results that will surprise even the most seasoned green thumb.

Five Steps to Healthy Home-Grown Tomatoes

Home-grown tomatoes are delicious and fun to grow, and tomato plants can be prolific – if you take care of them the right way. Follow these tips, and you should be able to produce plenty of delicious tomatoes every season.

What Are Today’s Backyard Garden Options?

Gardening in the backyard does not have to be difficult. There are new methods today that make backyard gardening easier and more controlled allowing one to have small or even large gardens.

How to Make a Worm Farm at Home

When you start a worm farm, as long as you have done your research and understand the tiger worm (Eisenia Foetida), you will have no problems whatsoever. The following instructions for a worm farm is for a “bathtub” worm farm, which is nearly the same except on a bigger scale than normal.

The Care and Feeding of Rose Bushes

Roses do require quite a bit of upkeep. But if you provide them with plenty of sunlight, water and nutrients and promote healthy growth by planting in an area with good air circulation, pruning regularly and watering near the base of the plant, your roses are more likely to stay healthy and disease-free-and reward you with big, beautiful blooms.

Indoor Gardening – An Environment-Friendly Thing

Gardening doesn’t only make your home beautiful but likewise provides you with an outlet to relieve yourself of worries and anxieties. Men and women alike are engrossed in this kind of hobby whereas some of them earn profits out of growing the best plants in their yards.

Hydroponic Gardening – You Too Can Try It!

Who doesn’t want to see beautiful plants blooming every now and then in her own backyard? Sure enough, plants have a certain power of uplifting one’s spirit as well as enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the home.

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