Gardener Reacts to TikTok Plant Hacks That…Work?

How to Harvest and Store Celeriac

Celeriac has been grown into a large root that has a size of a soft and small ball. It is a rough and brownish surface herb that has small roots around.

How to Use Dry Chrysanthemum For Fall Home Potpourri

Potpourri is a beautiful blend of natural and dried plant or flower material that is extensively used to produce a gentle aroma in homes and for fall decorating. This is used as decorative item in houses that is usually placed in wooden bowls, pots or jars.

Using Perennial Flowers

If you want to have a garden that is more low maintenance and has plants that last a long time then you definitely should consider getting perennial flowers. Perennial flowers last a lot longer than other kinds of flowers. The exact time that they last for depends on many different factors such as the quality is sure in your garden as well as how will you look after them but in general they will last at least several years.

Growing Herbs Indoors in Small Spaces is Super Easy

There’s no doubt that the warm weather which arrives during summer and spring months calls out to the gardener inside many of us. Unfortunately, some of us don’t have access to outdoor spaces with which we can grow herbs. Luckily, growing herb gardens can be readily done indoors.

How to Grow an Indoor Herb Garden

Not having an outdoor garden, living in a flat or under cold weather is not an impediment for you to grow your own herbs. You can easily make an indoor herb garden.

How to Start a Sustainable Organic Garden

Organic gardening is a wonderful way to keep a healthy supply of fresh produce on hand. Starting your first organic garden takes a little work to begin, but your rewards will be bountiful and your vegetables delicious.

5 Steps to Planning a Vegetable Garden

Planning a vegetable garden is vital to assuring a bumper crop. The old adage, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail” never had a more apropos application than to gardening. Whether you’re new to gardening, or not-so-new but have had trouble with consistent results because you’ve never created a vegetable garden plan, the following five steps about how to plan a vegetable garden will be a great help.

Organic Herb Gardening and Saving Seeds

You have made the commitment of taking up the practice of organic herb gardening and it is time to buy your seeds! When you go to a greenhouse or gardening store, you will be met by rows of seed packets. There are millions of seeds in hundreds of different varieties belonging to several species.

Polycarbonate Versus Glass For a Greenhouse

When it comes to polycarbonate versus glass greenhouses there seems to be a lot of confusion for many people wishing to purchase one of these great gardening buildings. (Me included at first!) Here is a guide I have complied on based on my own experience combined with that I have found across the internet.

Precious Tips For Growing Your Bonsai Trees in the Proper Pot

Beginner bonsai gardeners often overlook the importance of the pot, and choose the one that looks best in the garden. But the pot is one of the most important things to plan before growing your bonsai tree, and can not be easily changed once the tree has set its roots. This article will give you some tips on how to choose a bonsai pot, and how to care for the tree according to the material the pot is made of.

Growing an Outdoor Potted Herb Garden

When growing a potted herb garden outdoors, many believe the plants should be in a pot to get best results. Such plants as rosemary, chives and mint are said to be best planted in pots in order to keep them from taking over the rest of the garden. If you decide you need to plant any herbs in a pot, there are some things you should keep in mind to get the best possible results. Growing herbs is only as hard as you allow it to be. In this article you will find information that should make it easier for you.

Gardening Fun Guaranteed Anytime – Anywhere!

Gardening is an activity enjoyed by one and all. Some people are so consumed with their own gardens that they neglect important things like meetings, chores even family events. If you are one of these people, you don’t have to worry because now, you can take gardening wherever you go.

Try Growing Your Herbs in Pots

Herbs can grow almost anywhere, but to maximize your experience, try growing them in pots. There are many benefits to a portable container. Bring them indoors before winter and you can enjoy fresh herbs all year long.

What Type of Frangipani is That?

Have you spotted a gorgeous frangipani in someone’s yard and wondered what type it is? Well wonder no more with this layman’s guide to identifying frangipani species.

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