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The Basics of Indoor Hydroponic Gardens

Leave it to scientists to figure out new and innovative ways to grow plants more effectively! Hydroponics is Latin for “working water,” and this growing technique allows plants to thrive and derive their entire nutritional needs from water instead of soil. Hydroponics is rapidly gaining momentum in the commercial food production business, and it is popular with lay gardeners as well.

Beginner Gardening Tips – Get All the Easy Basics

Need container gardening ideas about which season is best for beginning gardeners? What plants to use? Easy design tips for just starting out?

What You Should Know About Growing Bulbs

Hippo bulbs can be grown on water in a similar way to prepared hyacinths. Start the bulb into growth as already described, planted on moist compost, and keep it in a warm place for a short period. As soon as the bud begins to emerge, carefully wash off the compost. Plant the bulb on top of colored stone, pebbles, marbles or glass beads, with the water level kept below the base of the bulb.

Growing Bulbs in the Indoor Garden

Rather more unusual is yellow goddess, which has creamy yellow flowers with a lime green throat. Doubles are sometimes to be found as well, including the white, pink edged Mary Lou. A more recent introduction has been the cubistic types with their wispy petals such as tango.

Herb Gardening

Most of us use some kind of herb when cooking. It can be used to enhance the flavor of the food or simply to make it smell good. Having fresh herb in the food is always best. For this reason, you should consider having an herb garden.

Advice From the Experts – The Secrets of Indoor Herb Garden Lighting

Information about different types of lighting for an indoor herb garden. This article covers both natural and artificial lighting with specifics for each. Learn the three most common types of artificial lighting their pros and cons and which one is best for you.

The Origins of the Oregano Herb

This article traces back the humble beginnings of the oregano herb, which now a widely popular herb all throughout the world. Oregano is valued for its culinary and medicinal uses now, as it was before during the ancient times.

5 Tips For Planting Corn

Use nitrogen rich soil. Corn needs a lot of nitrogen to grow well. Beans are nitrogen-fixing, so if you planted beans last year then use the same spot to plant your corn this year. Also the soil should be well-drained and a little acidic, a PH balance between 6.0 and 6.5 is ideal.

The Future of Gardening

What is to become of the home-grown garden as we enter this technological age? Is it to be swept under the rug as we strive for more, more, more? Or, will society take a turn back to the yesteryear in an effort to preserve the Earth?

Maintaining Compost in Your Backyard

Many people who have a garden will usually have a large amount of organic waste in the backyard. This could be anything from dead plants to grass clippings. Unfortunately, many people waste money by hauling them off to the landfill. All these organic waste that’s being hauled off are good compost that can be used for the garden.

Step by Step Pruning For New Gardeners – Part 2

If you have read Part I of the article on pruning, then you will now have an understanding of the basics of pruning – the “whys” and “wherefores”! I now want to take you through the process in more detail with some of the more common plants you’ll find in gardens. Spring-flowering Shrubs are wonderful plants that cheer us up every spring as they burst into colour – you know the ones I mean: Forsythia, flowering currant (Ribes) and mock orange (Philadelphus).

Gardening Tools

To get the job done right in your garden you will need the proper gardening tools. There are literally hundreds of tools that you can purchase, but you will only a few of them.

Easiest Way to Start a Herb Garden – Herb Garden Kits

Herb garden kits can surely be handy in starting a herb garden. In gardening, you might as well ask what type of soil is appropriate, and what herbs can be grown from seeds. Getting a kit will help you make a good start in growing the herbs of your choice.

Home Vegetable Gardening – Solutions For Anthracnose

A fancy term for spots that grow on your plants in your home vegetable garden, anthracnose is anything but fancy. In fact it can kill your plants. Here is how you handle this common home vegetable garden disease.

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