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Cottage Garden Plants and Companion Herbs, What Are They?

When we think of romantic country gardens, a garden full of Cottage Garden Plants comes to mind. Many do not realize that many of these plants are also herbs and help each other grow and thrive. Cottage Garden Plants and companion herbs are synonymous.

Plant Tuberose for Nighttime Fragrance

Tuberose is widely planted outdoors in moon gardens, because they release their fragrance at night. Grow them indoors in pots in colder areas.

The Ideal Garden Set Gift

Ever wondered what is the ideal present to give somebody? It’s difficult to find presents for true garden enthusiasts. Serious home gardeners are in a world of their very own, and will be infamously fussy and selective about their garden tools and equipment. Well, here are a few suggestions that are certain to make any genuine garden fanatic leap for joy.

Hydroponics Success Grow With LED Lights

Today, hydroponics is getting a second wind thanks to researchers who grow with LED lights. NASA, for example, is experimenting with hydroponic plants that grow with LED lights as part of its continued research into Controlled Ecological Life Support Systems, or CELSS. The most famous CELSS was Biosphere 2, the huge glass facility in the Arizona desert that uses hydroponics to grow food.

Guidelines On How To Buy Orchids

Before buying any orchid plant, you must properly evaluate the species or hybrid of Orchids family. One must be able to carefully read the environmental conditions and then find out whether the Orchid plant can thrive or not.

Watering Orchids: Tips to Make Your Plants Thrive

To ensure sweet-smelling blossoms and healthy flowers, watering your orchids properly is essential. In fact, one of the most common reasons why people do not achieve good results in growing orchids is because of incorrect watering.

Planter Box, Flower Box and Other Gardening Ornaments

Hanging baskets and flower window boxes are great if placed on the patio. But they would do best if they are situated on the window ledges. Their stylish designs would give a remarkable impression to the beholder.

How To Start A Home Garden

Planting a home garden is a wonderful gift that you can treat yourself to. Nothing says “home” quite like walking out your back door and strolling through your garden. It’s such a joy to see the creation and the continuation of life. It’s comforting to see the fruits of your labor, the results of your hard work and of your nurturing.

Planter Well Reservoir Systems For Your Planter Boxes

One of the mostly used reservoir systems for commercial planters today is the Planter Well. This self-watering reservoir for pots, window boxes, and any type of indoor and outdoor planters can keep your most precious plants and flowers moist for a month.

What You Need To Know About Waterfall Pumps

Installing a garden pond where you are going to also want to include a waterfall, means that you will have to look at the assortment of waterfall pumps that are available, and choose the one that is going to best suit your needs. Often individuals that are new to the world of garden ponds wonder if it is really necessary to have two pumps for their water garden. They know of course that they should have the appropriate pump for the circulation of the water, but wonder if this one pump is sufficient for the waterfall as well.

Flower Boxes With Plants

Decorating our window ledges doesn’t only limit with window boxes. We might try to give some other planter box designs that could avoid the bland look of our window. We can also insert some other gardening decorations like hanging baskets, modern planter box mini gardens and designer pots.

Eight Essential Herbs to Start an Herb Garden

Whether it is because of the effects of the economy on your food pantry, or simply because you think it would be fun, starting an herb garden is a great idea. Not only will you have something beautiful and down to earth out back that gives you something to do when you’re not at work, you’ll also be happy to be able to use what things you’ll be growing out there. Eight of the most essential herbs to start an herb garden include the following plants: Basil, mint, dill, parsley, rosemary, tarragon, thyme, and chives. With a little bit of information on each of these herbs, you’ll be well on your way to building the perfect little herb garden for your home.

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