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Weeds Need Not Be the Bane of Your Garden

There probably is nothing in the world that is more annoying and time-consuming to most gardeners than weeding. You may think weeds are inevitable and that there is nothing you can do to keep these often invasive plants out of your vegetable plants gardens or flower beds – but there are actually several methods you can follow to cut down substantially the number of weeds you have to deal with. These methods do not require you to use any dangerous chemicals either – they are all organic in method.

What Are the Benefits of Vegetable Gardening in Raised Beds?

Why would you want to build a raised garden to grow your vegetables? Read on to find out the benefits you will experience from your raised garden.

Organic Garden – The Basics of Starting With Great Soil

As a kid, I loved to play in the dirt. I guess I never grew up, because I still love the dirt. Organic gardening is a dirt-lover’s paradise. However, there is much more to successful organic gardening than simply tossing seeds on the ground and getting your hands and knees dirty. You must know how to properly prepare your soil to grow the healthiest, best tasting produce on your side of town.

Creating a Wildlife Garden at Home

In order to create a garden that draws and sustains wildlife, the garden must feature food sources first and foremost. Many times by planting native plant species, you will automatically draw wildlife who will feast upon the berries, nuts, fruits and seeds that these plants produce.

Organic Garden – Develop a Natural Pest Control

What right-minded organic gardener among us doesn’t love to get his/her hands not only full of dirt, but also slimy, unrecognizable insects! Ok, none of us do. However, these uninvited critters are headed toward your garden regardless. Give them a few days unattended and they will eat their way through much of your hard work. How can they be stopped – they must be stopped! There are actually effective ways to do this – organically, no less.

Guide to a Rose Tree Garden

Growing a rose tree garden can show you exactly how beautiful roses are, and how creative you can be when growing them. While there is no such thing as a “Rose Tree”, you can create a gorgeous look that would greatly resemble a tiny tree that is made from full of blooms.

Organic Gardening – The Rules of Engagement

Organic gardeners voluntarily impose restrictions on themselves in order to enjoy healthy and great tasting produce at “harvest” time. Like many areas of life – a little more work for a lot more benefit. To accomplish all you hope, you need to know what you’re doing and why.

Wormery Compost – What is It?

A wormery compost is the most popular method of composting. Composting is, simply put, nature’s way of cleaning up after itself by decomposing organic matter.

Planting Orchids

Planting orchids is a common passion for people around the earth. These kinds of flowers are usually a favorite…

Red Wigglers Are Such Worms!

Red wiggler worms serve triple purposes. They produce great compost, make excellent fishing bait for bluegills and shellcrackers, and they make great pets. Most people think cats are aloof and won’t come to you when called, but they’re down right gregarious compared to the worm. But you have to love them anyway.

Information About Orchid Plants Before You Consider Growing It

The whole world of botany is very diverse and almost every plant has many types including hybrid range due to new bio technologies. Orchid is one of the largest natural orders that include over twenty five thousand types.

Tips to Help Your Children Enjoy Gardening

It is not just the adults who can enjoy the fun hobby of gardening. If you would like for your child to learn how to garden, they have to see you do it.

Evergreen and Hardy Roses Suitable For Australian Conditions

This article is about a group of roses that were breed specially for the hot dry Australian conditions at the beginning of the twenith century. Alister Clark was the rose breeder and his criteria for the roses were that they had to be drought tolerant, flower all year, have perfume and be tough. They are not as well know as they should be.

Try Your Hand at Hydroponic Gardening

You can benefit a lot from hydroponic gardening. Hydroponic gardens are easy to grow and maintain and can be a good hobby as well.

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