Ginger Growing from Store-Bought Ginger Roots!

Tips For Starting Your Own Garden With Seeds

Starting a garden from seeds involves several basics that need to be mastered. Some types of plants could be difficult to care for, especially when they are young and very fragile. Following the exact planting procedures is essential.

Orchid Care Instructions: How To Avoid Heat Damage With Your Orchids

Part of a good orchid care program should be monitoring the temperature. Most people know that the delicate flowers should not get below a certain temperature. However, did you know that they can become too hot as well?

How To Send Seasonal Flowers

There are multiple times throughout the year when sending flowers are not only appropriate, but actually the best thing you can do. Whether you’re talking about Christmas or Easter, a summer anniversary, or a fall birthday, with each occasion is an opportunity to send flowers.

How to Prune a Weeping Cherry Blossom Tree

Come spring, and you will see a cherry blossom plant in its full splendor. The blossoms can be white or light pink and grow all over the tree. A cherry blossom tree in full bloom adds beauty to any landscape. Generally, people love to grow a weeping cherry blossom tree in their garden as their shape can be maintained easily with regular pruning. These trees grow to a maximum height of around forty feet, but normally it has been seen that most weeping cherry blossom trees do not grow this tall. Also, they spread to just around fifteen to twenty-five feet and do not take up too much room in a garden.

How To Repot Orchids

If you are growing orchids, then you should understand that the plants need to be repotted regularly. When repotting, it is essential to pay attention to the repotting medium, as it will be different for terrestrial orchid and epiphytic orchid. Orchids should be repotted every 18 to 24 months without fail. This is necessary to provide fresh growing medium to the orchids. Also, care should be taken to select a pot that can give a close fit to the roots. If you use a larger than necessary pot, the orchid will not show new growth for many weeks.

How to Keep Cut Roses Fresh

Roses make the perfect gift or decoration for any occasion. Hence, when you get cut roses, or you decide to use roses from your garden to decorate your home, you should know how to keep them fresh for a longer period of time.

Aquaponics Fish Species

The aquaponics fish species that you choose for your system depends upon several factors. Among the two most important are the legal considerations and whether to choose fingerlings or fry. When I say ‘legal considerations’ it’s not some doom and gloom either, but rather some governments have put restrictions in place as to what types of fish you can grow in a tank. It’s best to consult with your local pet shop, University or Department of Agriculture. They will be able to give you a definite answer as to exactly what aquaponics fish species you can grow and which you cannot.

Early Plant Combinations for Intensive Gardening Beds

Using a planning template for the 4′ intensive gardening beds, where a similar main crop will be occupying the center row. The second bed can be planned with similar crops in the center nine rows, and the outside two rows changed, to provide more variety. Both intensive gardening beds can be planted at the same time.

Summer Plant Care

There is no conclusive listing of gardening tasks for the mid-summer garden. Gardeners just need to play it by ear. Most of all, continue to keep a close eye on pests and disease, and then settle back and revel in your garden and all of the efforts you spent prior in the year to get it where it is now.

Cedar Greenhouse Qualities

Building a greenhouse in front of your house has become fashionable. In your neighborhood you will find a lot of houses with a greenhouse on the front side or on the rear side. Some people are very fond of growing different types of vegetables and fruits in their gardens.

Importance of Wood Greenhouse Plans

A plan is a good tool that helps one organize his or her work in a systematic manner. Wood greenhouse plans are very important since one is able to know how much finance would be used to make the greenhouses. Therefore, the greenhouses that are to be built should be within one’s budget.

Expanding Your Opportunity To Invest Into The Best Plant Pots For Your Home

Most individuals have a good idea of what they are looking to take a good advantage of while investing into pots. The trouble most individuals run into while looking to find these garden accessories, is that there are very limited possibilities for them to take benefit of, and very few opportunities to find exactly what they were looking for.

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