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How to Grow an Italian Herb Garden

This article shows how convenient can be growing an Italian Herb Garden. You have all the herbs your kitchen needs to prepare the most wonderful and exquisite Italian dishes. In this article, we will identify the essential Italian herbs, explain how they are used, and tell you how to care for them.

Growing Medicinal Herbs FAQ

Wouldn’t it be nice to just pick out remedies from your everyday aches and pains? With therapeutic herbs in your garden, it’s a likely possibility. Read this article to find out the best ways on how to grow medicinal herbs.

Adding Fennel to Your Home Vegetable Garden

Filled with plenty of nutrients your body needs, you will also see that fennel is easy to add to your home vegetable garden. If you like cooking with fennel then follow these tips today.

How to Quickly Set Up an Herb Garden

Men and women have been growing herbs and using herbs for as long as we can trace our history. Whether it is in ancient Egyptian culture, or the other side of the globe in China, people frequently engaged in herb gardening.

Top 5 Relaxing Indoor House Plants

Indoor house plants have been known to possess therapeutic properties that bring relaxation and comfort to their owners. The green calming color and the refreshing smell of most house plants can bring wonders to our overall health and wellness. Not only that, they can also balance our ecology as they give off much-needed oxygen for human and animal consumption.

Tips to Maintain Healthy Indoor Plants

Houseplants are very ideal to put inside your homes either as decorative elements or for health purposes. Plants have a certain therapeutic aspect that makes our mind and body to relax whenever we see them. This benefit is just one reason why many people consider having plants inside their house.

Herb Garden Plants – Jacobs Ladder – The Eternal Debutante

Nowadays Jacobs Ladder, although demoted from its high position in the medical herb garden plants hall of fame, is still popular as a decorative perennial plant. The cultivated version is around 30cm tall sporting regularly spaced leaves and flowers of a striking blue which reveal themselves in a series of blossoms for a month around midsummer.

Rubber Plants As Gifts

When preparing rubber plants as gifts, make sure you include a note discussing the important details about the plant such as the temperature it should be kept at, the amount of water it needs to receive on a daily basis and the kind of soil it grows on. If your plant seller has a brochure or a booklet, place it in the gift.

How to Grow House Plants Properly

However, if you really want them to be at their best, you will have to set the perfect mood for them inside your house. Truly, this type of plant will be the best plant to start with, especially for those gardeners who are only starting with their gardening adventure.

Tree Planting Tips For Your Trees, Plants and Shrubs

There are certain things that should be observed before any tree is planted. It is well-known that foresight is much preferred to hindsight, so one does well when they take a little extra time to carefully consider any major changes. One might not consider planting a tree a major change, yet it is an investment with long-term benefits, and it most certainly will change the landscape and environment.

Rose Gardening Pitfalls

Roses are one of the known and favorite flowers in this world. Just imagine if there are no roses what would be the condition. One should take utmost care in growing rose plant. There are so many factors by which the rose plants get affected.

The Secrets of Organic Rose Gardening

Organic Farming is the best way of farming; if you keep your ear closely to the ground then you would hear the soil chanting the name Organic Farming. Organic method is ideal way for protecting the loved ones, domesticated pets and saves the environment from damaging chemicals. Roses are pretty, elegant and it is a real treasure to have around the house.

Look After Your Roses Like a Treasure

Love is represented by rose. For a number of decades rose is used not only to express love but was also admired by the kinds and the queens. The common men during those days planted a huge amount of rose gardens and admired the beauty of the flower.

Winter Care For Trees Purchased at Your Local Tree Nursery

You have purchased a tree or trees from your favorite nursery, whether a wholesale nursery, plant nursery or a tree nursery, and now it is going to face its first winter. Brrr! What can one do to help protect their tree (trees) from the harsh elements of wintertime? There are some good suggestions around, so let’s discuss them.

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