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Growing Grapes at Home – 4 Essential Tips

Believe it or not, it is rather easy to grow grapes at home. Though it is on a slightly smaller scale, you can easily grow your own vineyard. When it comes to growing at home, there are a few things you need to take into consideration.

Cotoneaster – How to Grow a Beautiful Evergreen

How to grow cotoneaster. This article includes helpful tips and information on the best way to grow and train cotoneasters.

Grape Trelissing Systems

In order to be successful at growing grapes, one must learn how to grow grapes on a trellis. This article explains the importance of a trellis system. It also describes some of the most popular trellisses used around the world and how each system is suited for different grape varieties and climates.

The Four Essential Components of the Right Soil for Grape Growing

In order for grapevines to make their best growth possible, they should be planted in the right type of soil. This article describes the four essential components of the right soil for grape growing: good soil composition, the right amount of nutrients, good pH level, and appropriate depth.

Six Steps to Successfully Plant Your First Grapevines

A successful grape grower is one who knows how to plant grapes. The aim of this article is to describe the six steps required to successfully plant your first grapevines: buying the vines, handling the vines, trimming the roots, planting the grapevines, cutting back tops of newly-planted vines, and watering your vines.

Rare Orchids You May Not Know About

Beauty and elegance are two adjectives that describe orchids. Orchids make up about 10% of all the flowering plants on earth. Some species of orchids are quite common, while other species, the most beautiful and enchanting of their kind, are very rare. These rare orchids are prized above all due to their scarcity and a favorite among flower collectors. Orchids are being threatened and the once ubiquitous Lady Slipper (Cypripedium calceolus) was put under police protection.

Selecting Sensual Wedding Orchid

Many brides select wedding orchids for their ceremonies and for good reason. Orchids are among the most attractive flowers and are also well-suited for wedding occasion. If you thought to use these flowers on your wedding day, you will want to know everything about the variety of wedding orchids available.

How to Water Orchids

Because orchids are a variety of flowers that can be very challenging to cultivate and keep healthy and alive, it is important that you treat each bloom just right. The people who care a lot for orchid plants should know the correct procedure of orchid irrigation. For example, they must learn the proper methods for how to water each orchid’s root to keep it nourished.

How to Grow and Manage Artichokes

Artichokes (Cynara scolymus), believed to be a native of western and central Mediterranean. It was said that this plant was already grown by the Romans for over 2,000 years ago. They used it as a green and a salad plant. It is a perennial crop grown for their buds as the main parts used for food, it’s a large and vigorous plant that grows to a height of about six feet. Artichokes tolerates in a cool, but not freezing weather and lots of water supply.

What Are Aeroponic Gardening Systems?

In order to understand what Aeroponic gardening systems are, you need to know what aeroponic gardening is. It is close the what hydroponics gardening is, in a way. While hydroponics is growing plants in a soil less liquid environment, aeroponics is growing plants without soil or water, in a container where the roots are suspended, and sprayed or misted with nutrients and water at a specific time during the day.

Organic Vegetable Gardening

Organic vegetable gardening is becoming a popular hobby for people to do at their own home. With the tough economy, people are doing all they can to save money and cut corners. Growing your own food is one way to do this.

Home Garden Alert – Danger in a Fallen Leaf

The idea that the falling leaves of autumn could threaten the health of your garden seems almost preposterous on the face of it. After all, autumn leaves contain generous helpings of the nutrients your garden needs. And these nutrients are just waiting to be released into your soil. So, what’s not to like? If the trees on and around your property are healthy, you’re good to go. Gather up the autumn leaves, shred ’em and make compost out of them, or use them as they are. But if your trees or your neighbors’ trees are diseased, you should not use the leaves as mulch or the base for your compost. Be warned!

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