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Organic Gardening: Getting Started Part II

There are five basic ideas needed for an organic garden, a garden free from any potentially harmful chemicals, preservatives or colorings. The first three were covered in the article “Organic Gardening: Getting Started.” These three steps were as follows: plan your beds, prep your beds, and utilize compost. In this article, we will focus on the final two steps.

Looking After Orchids: The Essentials of Proper Orchid Care

Want to see your orchid thrive? Read these essential elements of giving your plant proper care.

Growing Organic Cabbage

Cabbage is a staple every gardener should grow, and it’s not hard to learn to grow cabbage. It does help to have some basic know-how, though. In this article we’ll reveal how to avoid splitting your cabbage, when the best time to harvest it is (hint: not at the stage you purchase it at in the supermarket), and how nitrogen levels may affect pest levels.

General Hydroponics – Adopt Hydroponics for Better Yields

Hydroponics being an easy and convenient technique to adopt, it is increasingly becoming easier to become an amateur grower. You grow more plants in the same surface area as compared to what you could grow using soil-based cultivation techniques.

Basic Container Gardening Tips For The Home Gardener

If you always wanted to garden, but space limitations are stopping you, container gardening can be your answer. Patios, along sidewalks, incorporated into the existing landscape, and even indoors. You can garden in decorative or plain small pots or large containers, your imagination is the limit.

Planning a Vegetable Garden for the City, Town or Countryside

Whether you live in a house or an apartment in the city you don’t need a large area to grow vegetables. Vegetables can be grown in tubs, growing bags or small raised beds.

Growing Organic Winter Squash

Growing winter squash is rewarding if you know what you’re doing. Winter squash isn’t difficult to grow, but is takes more knowledge than beans or peas. In this article we’ll reveal how to deter beetles, powdery mildew, aphids, and more (everybody loves winter squash and so do a lot of pests!). And you’ll learn how your fingernail is the best tool for determining if a squash is ripe or not.

Locating Vegetable Seeds For Sale

Considering the increasing trend of more people taking on Gardening as a hobby, the scarcity of various plants and seeds is a bit tougher to come across. The truth is, nowadays it may be slightly hard to locate vegetable seeds for sale as not only are people seeking to get into gardening, but they are wanting to get into vegetable growing particularly.

Perfect Your Bonsai Techniques With Professional Bonsai Classes

Contrary to what most people believe, Bonsai trees are not natural dwarf trees but rather they are normal trees that are kept short by continuous tending, pruning and repotting. With this fact in mind, people interested in Bonsai art have realized the need to learn the basics of Bonsai otherwise they are bound to fail in keeping the trees alive and well groomed. Thanks to professionals who offer Bonsai classes many people have learnt and even perfected the art of growing otherwise naturally big trees in small pots.

Increasing Interest in Bonsai for Sale

More and more people are in the market, at both online and physical stores, looking for bonsai for sale. Contrary to popular belief, the bonsai tree is not a dwarf tree but just a normal tree that is maintained in short stature through continued pruning and repotting.

Flowers for All Seasons – Creating a Seasonal Garden

Creating a garden which flowers all year round is not particularly difficult. However, it does needs a little care and planning to ensure that you have a broad range of plants to fill all seasons. Many gardeners find that there are often several months when nothing may be in bloom, even in the summer months. This is not because plants are not reaching their potential, but simply a case that flowerbeds and borders do not have a range of species which flower at different times. Often resulting in one month bursting with colour whilst the next is distinctly bloomless, this problem can easily be fixed by a few moments of planning.

Take Care for the Plants During Winter

In winter, each person estimates the cost of indoor plants. They bring life, color and aroma in every home. If you brought a plant that blossoms in winter, here are some basic things you need to know about its needs during the winter months.

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