Goldilocks Rocks Bidens– A P Allen Smith Favorite!

Hydroponic Plants for Hydroponic Gardening System

Soil acts as a nutrient reservoir but soil is not required for plant growth. The important nutrients plants need to grow can be absorbed by plants dissolved in water, and if these nutrients are supplied artificially there is no need for soil.

Orchids Online – Top 4 Tips That Will Equip You In Buying The Best Orchids Online

With everything so accessible nowadays because of the internet, buying orchids on line is no exception. If you are ordering your clothes, groceries and vitamins from a website, then it is absolutely assured that there is a website that offers orchids online.

How to Know If Your Garden Has Spider Mites

Gardeners should routinely inspect their plants in order to deal with problems such as spider mites which love warm and dry climates. Small, brown or yellow dots on the leaves, are a sign you may have a spider mite infestation.

Growing Pumpkins in Containers

Pumpkin belongs to gourd and squash family. These are rich in vitamins and minerals, found in yellow or orange color and have whitish flesh and seeds within.

How to Plant a Vegetable Garden?

Vegetable gardens offer fresh vegetables for cooking or for salads. One should have knowledge about the type of plant that can be grown and the timing to plant them. Separate beds can be made to plant vegetables which are seasonal. One should also be aware about the compatibility of the plants since one should not interfere with the growth of the other.

Vegetables That Grow Well A Home Garden

Most vegetables can be grown in the kitchen garden. One should be careful to plant the seeds at the right time while keeping the climate in that region in mind. While northerners can opt for varieties that yield faster, southerners can opt for those that might take a while to mature. Seed catalogues give information on the time each seed variety takes to mature and also about the ideal place for its plantation.

Vegetables That Grow in Shade

A vegetable garden not only offers fresh and insecticide free vegetables, but adds to the beauty of the space too. Most vegetable plants grow well and have a good yield when placed in sites with sufficient sunlight. The plants exhibit stunted growth or diseases when planted in shade. If one is not able to grow vegetables of a particular choice due to lack of sunlight or location of the site, one can always opt to grow vegetables that will thrive in shady conditions.

Growing Orchids In Water: Is It Madness Or Is It Possible? Learn How You Can Grow Orchids In Water

One of the basics of growing orchids is to not over water them or they will surely die. So when you hear someone saying that they are growing these types of plants in water, you think to yourself if it is really possible or are they just out to get you and make you kill all your lovely orchids?

How to Keep Cats Out of Flower Beds

Cats love the outdoor atmosphere, specially the garden. They can create havoc in the flower beds with their rolling, spraying urine, or digging the beds to convert them in to litter box.

Growing Lavender From Seed

Lavender is an herb which has many uses and is grown mainly in the Mediterranean region having warm weather and rocky terrain. This is mainly planted for enhancing aesthetic beauty. The fragrance of lavender as well as the essential oil that can be extracted makes this an attractive option amongst herbs.

Indoor Herb Garden Layout

For many years humans have been using herbs in many different ways which include healing, protection against germs, in perfumes, as flavoring agents in food, as disinfectant and in olden times as a form of exchange in place of currency also. People get the herb as per their requirements from others having nurseries growing herbs, from food stores selling variety of herbs, by collecting them from the wild or from one’s own garden.

Dos and Don’ts for Winterizing Your Tropical Potted Plants

For reasons inexplicable to this author, people have some odd ideas about how to treat their potted tropical plants in the fall when it comes close to the time when they need to be brought indoors to protect them against cold weather, and it is the purpose of this article to debunk them and provide more useful information about the preparation of these plants for winter. One common tendency is to consider fertilizer. The fall is really too late to be considering this.

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