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Bonsai Garden – How to Start Your Garden

For years, you were busy renovating and decorating the exteriors and the interiors of the house. However, you felt like there is something missing. The house looked nice and all that but it did not seem that it was alive. Aside from you, your family and your pets, there must be other things that are alive and breathing in your house and your yard.

Bonsai Care – Tips to Keep Your Garden Healthy

Congratulations! You are now a full pledged gardener! You are successful in starting your own garden through thorough planning and careful considerations. You are now awaiting the results of your hard labor.

Would You Like to Design Your Own Herb Tea Garden?

Although the weather is turning cold, the leaves have fallen off the trees, next spring seems a far distant dream, now is the time to plan next year’s herb garden design. Garden centers are selling seeds, equipment and garden decorations at low discounted sale prices clearing the shelves for seasonal items.

Basic Advice For Great Lawn Care

There’s a lot of information on the internet that will help you to keep good care of your lawn. However, it doesn’t have to be complicated, and you don’t need to be a professional to keep your lawn in great condition; just follow this basic advice.

The Pleasures of a Home Herb Garden

No matter your reasons for growing herbs, you are following a long tradition, extending back for thousands of years. Learn about the earliest herb uses, medicinal, aromatic and culinary, and how they have carried through to today. Find out about how easy growing your own home herb garden can be, and alternative methods of growing your herbs.

Planting Roses – Bare-Rooted Or Container-Grown

Bare-rooted roses are available only during the dormant season. Because roses are deciduous plants, they lose their foliage during the fall, and will then stay dormant (they’ll stop growing) until the following spring. As these plants are dormant, they can be lifted by the nursery and sold, pretty much as they are, ready for planting, before the dormant buds start to break into fresh growth, the following spring.

How Does Hydroponics Work?

It wasn’t until very recently that hydroponics gardening came into the mainstream public and now one of the most popular ways to grow plants. There are some real advantages to this method of growing, as long as you understand what’s going on. However, most people don’t really know how hydroponic gardening works. Let’s explore this further.

About the Odor Free Compost Pail

The compost pail makes you think of two things; one good and one bad. The good thing is that you have found a proactive way to go green. The bad part is that composting can be tiresome and smelly. Why not try an odor-free compost pail that hides in your kitchen?

Dormancy and Winter Treatment in Gardening Techniques

Where they are grown in border setting tender summer flowering plants, such as dahlias, begonias, cannas and gladioli should be lifted in autumn and brought into growth again in spring if they are to flower once more in the summer. The tubers and corms of these plants should be lifted, dried and stored in dry, cool, frost free conditions.

The Benefits of Owning a Petrol Strimmer

Why should you buy a petrol strimmer instead of investing in an electric model? Although both types of strimmer are on the market, many homeowners prefer the petrol-fueled type; and commercial users are almost guaranteed to solely use the petrol-powered variety. Read these top Reasons to buy a petrol strimmer.

How to Plant Grapes

Growing your own grapes can be a very rewarding experience, if you know how to plant grapes so they will thrive and flourish. Whether you are interested in growing grapes for wine or for eating, once you have invested the initial time and energy in getting your vines started right they will produce reliably for years.

5 Safety Measures to Be Taken Before You Use a Pressure Washer

With all the appliances that use electricity or any fuels we should know the precautions and safety measures that would help us prevent an accident to happen or escape from such incidents. Pressure washers should also be operated with some precautions.

Rain Barrel Systems How To – Every Homeowner Should Be Using a Rain Barrel!

Rain barrel systems can help you save water and money. Not only that, they are simple to set up and get started with. Start collecting rainwater with a rain barrel system to water your plants and garden, and to help with your other watering chores around the house.

Hydroponics Grow Box

Growing with hydroponics is easier than growing in the field. If you have decided grow your own plants, then you have a decision to make right now.

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