Growing English Ivy (Hedera Helix) as a Houseplant

When Is Killing Weeds Most Effective?

The dictionary describes a weed as either; “a valueless plant growing wild, especially one that grows on cultivated ground to the exclusion or injury of the desired crop.” or “any undesirable or troublesome plant, especially one that grows profusely where it is not wanted.” Sound familiar? This article will help you identify what type you may have encountered in your garden and, more importantly, the best way of killing weeds.

Gardening Designs – The Cottage Concept

As time passes by, different garden styles are added to already vast number of garden styles. And each garden style has its own unique and eye-catching flair. For instance, among cottage garden style, English country-cottage is well-liked with its old-fashioned flowers like roses and hydrangeas. English cottages are characterized by bumble bees and butterflies, and it signifies the mood of romance and lazy summer days.

How to Hire a Tree Pruning Service

Something that property owners should be aware of is that all tree services are the same. Even though there are many reputable and professional tree services out there. There are also quite a few fly by night outfits around.

Some Tree Removal Basics

There are a few basic things that every property owner needs to know about tree removal. Getting rid of a dead, dying or unwanted tree can be an expensive and complicated process for people who don’t know what they are doing.

The Different Types of Garden Sheds

If you are looking for a great new way of improving your garden, then the chances are that you have already considered the merits of a garden shed. Well, great: garden sheds are a great way of both increasing the stylistic profile of your garden, as well as being a really functional addition that will help you in all aspects of your life.

Types of Mulch for the Garden

There are many benefits to using mulch in the garden or on the farm. Firstly, it is a fantastic form of weed control, suppressing weeds where they cause the most trouble in the area closest to you plants. They can also regulate water intake in the soil. And, at least with organic mulches, they can add a good amount of organic matter to your soil, acting as a slow releasing fertilizer and improving soil tilth over time.

10 Tips for a Healthier Greenhouse

A healthy greenhouse environment can produce more robust plant yields, extend the growing season, prepare delicate seedlings and even allow you to grow plants traditionally incompatible with your climate zone and humidity levels. If you are a greenhouse gardener looking for simple ways to make your greenhouse more successful, here are the top 10 easiest ways to kick up your productivity. If you are just starting your greenhouse, these tips will put you ahead of the curve and make your life a little easier down the road!

Modern Planters – Provide a Pleasing Outdoor Display

The evolution of modern planters has brought a widespread competition in the planter making industry, which paved way for the creation of more sophisticated types of planter products. In fact, modern planters have been made available in a wide variety of designs, materials, shapes and shades.These modern commercial planters create unique transformation to any area where these beautiful planters are being displayed.

Getting Houseplants Right: A Guide to Effective Indoor Plant Care

Tips for effective houseplant care and home gardening. How to ensure thriving indoor plants.

Plant Tea Therapy – Sounds Like Crap To Me!

Plant tea or manure tea is an amazing natural, organic fertilizer that conditions the soil and releases fast acting nutritional supplements to plants and flowers for outstanding results. Manure is placed in tea bags which are then placed in buckets of water to seep (sit) for 1-3 days (although overnight works as well). This allows the the nutrients to liquefy into the water. Now take the brown, liquid fertilizer and give your plants an extra boost of nutritional goodness!

Those Who Love Gardening Must Get To Know The Seasonal Plants And Crops

Do you wish to have a year-round garden? Then the way to go is to first research all about seasonal plants/crops and match plants to season, soil and climate. Those who live in apartments can plan for window flower boxes that give a beautiful display.

Organic Herbs – Planting Tips

Planting your organic herb garden takes some planning. Here are some tips for you to follow.

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