Growing Jujubes: The “Weird Apple” That Tastes Absolutely Delicious!

Hydroponics Or Aquaponics? What is the Difference and Which is Better?

Have you heard of Hydroponics? Probably you have. But how about Aquaponics? Do you know what that is?

Build a Simple Raised Garden For More Convenience

If you want a vegetable garden but do not have a lot of time to dedicate to it, why not try a simple raised garden. Raised gardens in boxes are easier to maintain with less maintenance involved. Anything that saves time is a good thing in our busy lives.

The Best Growing Tomatoes – 3 Tips on How to Avoid Blossom-End Rot

Once you have discovered how to have the best growing tomatoes, you will see how much fresher and tastier they are from your own garden than any you find in the grocery. If you are a gardener who grows tomatoes, you have probably seen symptoms at some point of a disease called Blossom-end rot. If your tomato is showing symptoms of this disorder, the fruit will initially have a small, soggy spot appear on the bottom (blossom end) of the fruit.

How to Grow Upside Down Tomatoes When You Have a Small Garden and the Benefits

When you lack space in your garden or have a patio growing tomatoes upside down in hanging baskets is the ideal solution. In this article I will go into the basics of how to grow upside down tomatoes, the benefits that come with it and why it’s great too for those with busy lifestyles.

Herb Garden How To Tips

If you are planning to plant an herb garden at your home, the following herb garden how to tips may help when you start your garden lay out. You might want to choose the different varieties of herbs you want to plant before you start your design. Once you know the herbs you want to grow in your garden you will be able to lay it all out. An herb garden design is important because different herb requirements will more or less dictate the layout of your garden by their needs.

7 Reasons You Might Want to Consider Using Hydroponic Gardening to Become a Hydroponic Gardener

Are you a gardener? Have you read about hydroponic gardening but are not quite sure if it has any advantages for you?

Does the Upside Down Tomato Garden Really Work?

If you have been interested in trying to grow your tomatoes upside down you may have seen an innovative product sold by Hammacher Schlemmer called The Upside Down Tomato Garden. You may ask: “Will it work for me?” We will have a look at how the product works and look at customer feedback to discover the pros and cons.

How to Choose the Best Fertilizer For Tomatoes

To get flourishing tomato plants and juicy fruits, you need to make sure they get the right nutrients at different stages of growth. Take this great tips to provide the right nutrients in adequate quantities to your tomato plants, for you to get a good tomato harvest.

A Guide to Picking the Best Heirloom Tomato Plants

One of the major benefits of growing your own tomato plants is that you can pick and choose from hundreds of interesting varieties instead of 3 or 4 that you get at the supermarket. Heirloom tomato plants offer a large range and are very rewarding to grow. We will look at some great heirloom varieties that I recommend you plant.

Recycled Plastic Raised Garden Beds and Garden Stakes Work Well in Any Garden

Garden stakes are a must for most gardens as they benefit and promote strong healthy growth in plants formative years by ensuring that they are kept upright and do not droop. Traditionally, wooden stakes have been used in the past as these were the only real option on the market, and were considered strong enough and source material was plentiful.

Container Gardens

Now I am by no means the greenest thumb in the family but I learn from my mistakes. Here is one lesson that can serve wishful gardeners with small spaces. Over the years I have acquired a number of flower pots from various sources and the ever growing stack of empty pots and containers have faithfully moved with me several times.

Good Ol’ Garlic

Garlic has been around for thousands of years, it was known to the ancient Egyptians, the Greeks and Romans. It is believed that the Romans brought garlic to Britain.

Growing Grapes in Your Back Yard – Picking the Best Spot!

You walk out into your back yard, and wonder where you’re going to plant your soon-to-be grapes. You imagine them over here by this tree, or against this side of your house.

The Art of Growing Grapes – Yes, Growing Grapes is an Art

Growing grapes is an art. Green thumb gardeners are left to discover on their own, the techniques.

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