Growing the world’s most expensive spice

Community Gardens – Growing Food in an Urban Setting

Community gardens are popping up all over, offering urban dwellers who have no space to garden at home the chance to participate in and learn about growing their own vegetables. It can be as simple as sharing space with a neighbor, or as organized as a city-sponsored gardening plot, shared by many interested new gardeners. Find out the many benefits of participating in a community garden.

How and Where Roses Grow Wild

A good quest for a rosarian to take on is to find out how and where roses grow wild. It’s true that roses are found in some places that many would not think of but they are seen in the wild from China to Egypt. This ancient flower has been seen as symbols in some of the grandest palaces in the east as well as in many other parts of the world. It has quite a story to tell and a long and colorful history.

Great Tips on Indoor Herb Gardening

A lot of people are now into indoor herb gardening. Yard space is no longer a problem when growing herbs because provided that you have containers or pots, you will have a fresh supply of herbs like basil, parsley, sage, thyme, rosemary, oregano, and many others.

A Greenhouse Cover Protects the Plants From the Cold and the Pests

Do it right the first time so you will not waste time and energy doing it again. This is what has been said over and over again by very wise people. It is not enough that you have the right intention, there should be great results and you can only do that by doing it right.

Meyer Lemon Trees – How to Pot and Prune Your Indoor Fruit Tree

Meyer lemon trees are the most popular variety of indoor fruit trees available. And while they are generally hardy and adapt well to most environments, there are a few specific tips you’ll need to know. Let’s examine two of the most important, potting and pruning.

The Healing Power of Plants

Plants have an amazing ability to bring beauty to almost any environment. They add enjoyment and pleasure throughout the year. In wintertime they can enjoyed indoors where they provide welcome relief from the wintertime doldrums as well as health benefits both mental and physical.

Organic Gardening Pest Control – Top 5 Tips to Protect Fruits Against Pests

So you have luscious fruit growing on your fruit trees and are looking forward to having a good crop. But you seem to be worried? Is it the thought of keeping Aphids, fruit flies and coddling moths at bay that is giving you sleepless nights? Sure these thoughts must be troubling you as they do every gardener, having an orchard. The surest and simplest cure for your troubles lies in organic gardening pest control, which is nothing but a bunch of healthy recipes to keep pests under control.

Things You Should Know About Hydroponic Herb Growing

A big trend in home gardening right now is hydroponic herb growing. It is a great endeavor that will offer you the benefits of fresh herbs all year round.

Different Kinds of Herb Gardens

Planting herb gardens is a fun and rewarding experience for any herbalist. People grow herbs because they enjoy it. They do not just grow simply because there is a need. You may be one of these gardeners who are fascinated with several uses of herbs. You may be inclined to cooking, health consciousness, or simply enjoy the great smelling aroma of herbs. Then again, you may just want to grow herbs out of fascination for their beauty.

4 Ways Master Composters Make Composting Faster

Ever wonder why master composters seem to get such good composting results, while your compost pile or compost bin seems to take forever? These tips can help you learn to compost like the pros!

Garden Seeds For Survival – How to Do This Type of Gardening Correctly

During a longer term disaster or survival situation having a garden might be needed. Learn what you need to be doing now to make your stored seeds worthwhile if the time arises when you need that garden.

Vital Things to Do in the Mid February Garden

There are jobs to be done in the greenhouse, the vegetable patch, plus herbs need our attention, and once again that green area we’d like to be a lawn begins to take some priority even over the fruit trees. In the greenhouse the gloxinia can be started into growth from January until March, but if without glass and heat, it is wiser to wait until the later date. Place the tubers just below the surface of the soil, using a compost of equal parts of fibrous peat, loam, leaf-mould and well-decayed…

A Checklist For Your Garden in Mid February

Starting with the garden flowers, you should pay particular attention to the following. Any dahlia tubers showing a mildew should be rubbed with a dry rag and re-dusted with sulphur, and decay should be cut out. Hardy annuals sown under cloches will give a fine display towards the end of the summer.

Essential Garden Equipment

Caring for plants can be a wonderful and satisfying experience for many people. It is a joyful experience watching seeds grow into plants, and seeing plants gradually bearing flowers, fruits and vegetables. You will need to be good at your job in looking after your garden, for which essential garden equipment is required. There are many aspects that need to be looked into while maintaining the garden.

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