Growing Wheat For The First Time

Companion Planting Guide

Companion planting is the placement of various crops in close physical proximity to on another so as to symbiotically compliment the progress of each other. It’s important to select two plants that have similar light, soil and water requirements. It is also important that they are not susceptible to the same blights.

Cheap Garden Hoses: Are They Worth It?

Garden hoses are pretty much essential for home owners and renters, and I even had two when I lived in a condo. They not just for gardening of course, but watering the lawn, washing the car, filling kid’s swimming pools, washing off the driveway, and a myriad of other uses. Very often the hose gets very little consideration when it is purchased, but paying just a little attention can get you a more appropriate hose that last longer and works better for your uses.

Early and Pre Season Weed Control

Pre planting and early season weed control are vital to the success of a vegetable garden. Tips and suggestions dos and dont’s of both organic, manual and chemical weed control.

Irradiated Tomatoes in Australia

It may soon be legal for tomatoes and capsicum in Queensland, Australia to be legally irradiated to kill bacteria and bugs. This announcement was made by Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) in mid-March 2013, just four years after the Federal Government prohibited the irradiation of imported cat food after a large number of animals had died, and others had been neurologically damaged as a result of eating irradiated dry cat food.

What Benefits Can You Get From a Fire Pit in Your Garden?

Once upon a time, I was looking for a hobby. I decided to start dealing with gardening, but after two years I got bored. I decided to hire a landscaping company to project an unique garden design for me. They offered me a fire pit, which changed my life. See how?

Organic Seed And The Urban Gardener

Organic seed can be used to plant containers for urban gardens. Smaller varieties of plants such as cherry tomatoes can be used, however stakes can be used to create vertical growth areas that also provide privacy.

Planting A Garden the “No-Till” Way

Whether you are planting a home vegetable garden or a large commercial operation, the “No-Till” method of gardening is a viable option. No-Till allows you to work in harmony with nature instead of against it. If you’re about organic produce or natural foods, you need all the help you can get from the community that lives down under.

Sustainable Certified Organic Garlic Seed Grow Multiple Cloves And Scapes

Grow garlic cloves using certified organic seed that can be sustainable saved for planting the following year. Each variety features a unique flavor or adaptability that makes it a popular selection with home gardeners.

Colorful And Dynamite Popcorn Seed For Fluffy Flavor

Experiment with different varieties of organic popcorn seeds that pop into a fluffy treat. Some varieties provide colorful red or black kernels that will delight children when they see them magically transform. Dynamite popcorn is a popular variety with a buttery flavor.

Abundant Sweet Harvests From Heirloom Organic Pea Seeds

Planting heirloom organic pea seeds that are suited to cool or warm weather can extend the harvest. Shell peas work well for salads, while edible pod peas can be used to make stir fry.

Discover the Greens and Roots From Organic Heirloom Beet Seeds

Growing produce from organic heirloom beet seeds will provide a combination of nutritious greens and roots. These can be eaten fresh, pickled or stored for the winter.

Beginning Gardener Tips: Part II Organic Seed Transplanting Tips

Transplanting seedlings that have been started from organic seeds into the garden requires adequate preparation. Tips and ideas to protect the plants during this delicate phase will help them grow into vigorous plants.

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