Hand Pollinating Corn for PERFECT Ears

Simple Methods for Keeping Cats Out of Your Garden

Some ideas on how to keep cats out of your garden and stop them ruining your flower beds. A cat problem in your garden can be quickly and easily solved with a few helpful hints.

How to Improve Your Garden Using Red Worms

Red worms have been put on this earth to bring its elements back to life. If you could just imagine, the very soil and plants in your garden can be simply revived with just an application of worm compost. Red worms are actually capable of creating high-quality compost, which can be used instantly to improve your garden.

5 Tips to Find the Best Greenhouse Online

Shopping for greenhouses is a lot easier today than it was just ten years ago. In the past, you were limited to the selection found at local stores. Some people had trouble finding larger sized greenhouses in their local area while others were simply unable to make a purchase because prices in their area were prohibitive.

Indoor Growing: Consider LED Grow Lights When Starting Your Garden

Starting an indoor garden is fun, exciting, and satisfying. Before you rush out and buy a bunch of indoor gardening supplies, first read through this article to help you better understand what LED grow lights can do for your indoor garden. With some basic knowledge and a well laid out plan, you’ll be on your way to harvesting your own organic vegetables and herbs all year round.

How to Plant Your Own Personal Garden

Most people have thought of the idea of planting their own garden. It’s not that difficult to do, you just need to know some basics to start with.

Solar Spotlights Enhance Focal Points

Solar spotlights use LED bulbs to brighten focal points in your yard. Solar lights have many benefits because they are both environmentally friendly and economical. Good quality solar lighting will last for years and will light all through the night.

Tree Planting

Tree planting is not only a great way to enhance the beauty of your garden but also to encourage wildlife. When choosing which tree to plant choosing a native species will support a wider range of plants and insects which then provide food for birds and mammals, than non-native exotic species, native species are more likely to thrive in challenging weather conditions and importantly maintaining local landscape and heritage. Depending on your garden size there are plenty of native species to choose from, based upon what you are trying to achieve within your garden.

How To Kill A Gardenia (An Anti-Gardenia Care Guide)

Gardenia plants are a notoriously fickle and complicated plant to grow in your garden landscape. But, we’ve given into temptation and bought one at the store or garden center and now we’re wondering what we need to do to ensure it will survive and flourish… or rather what do we need to do in order to ensure its demise?

Tried and Tested Techniques to Growing Tomatoes Indoors

Growing tomatoes indoors is not as hard as everybody says. It’s actually quite easy plus it’ll save you money rather than spending on a massive plot or garden outside your home. Tomatoes that grow indoors are actually those that are of the best kind. Read on to learn more.

The Benefits of Organic Lawn Care

The green movement is here, and it’s not going away. Chemicals are a thing of the past, and everything is trying to be environmentally friendly, you do your best, you recycle, and try to pay attention to your carbon footprint, but have you thought about what you’re doing with your lawn care? Are yards are a way of helping ward off global warming, and adding back a little bit of nature to an otherwise urbanized world, but very few people stop to consider what products their using, and if they’re organic or not. Organic Lawn Care has some great benefits, not only are you doing what’s right for the environment and protecting the world for your children, but you’re letting nature do what it’s good at, and that’s grow things.

Three Things to Consider Prior to Hiring a Lawn Care Company

You know your backyard is in desperate need of lawn care, but what do you need to worry about before you sit down to that all important consulting meeting where they’ll give you their estimate, and tell you how they can help you. Let’s talk about three of the major things you should be worried about before you go into that meeting.

Improving Your Garden Soil By Adding Fertilizers

Everyone has to eat to live. Without a regular supply of starch, protein and other nutrients we would all very soon die. Plants have a different arrangement.

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