Hanging Baskets: Part 2

Caring for Orchids By Getting To Know Them

Many persons enjoy growing and caring for orchids because they are unique and different from other types of plants. The orchid flower has three petals and three sepals. The sepal is what protects the plant’s bud. The petals and sepals are found in every-other sequence: In other words, first you will have a petal and then a sepal and so on and so forth. The sepals and petals surround the center of the orchid.

The Many Species of Orchids to Choose From

There are many kinds of orchids: so many in fact that some growers choose to collect the many different varieties that are found throughout the globe. Each of the species of orchids carries its own brand of uniqueness and beauty.

Home Composting Tips: Backyard Worm Composting

There has been so many advocacy campaigns on helping save the earth from further pollution. And this will certainly make you think, are you contributing more wastes or contributing on helping reduce these pollutants? If you’re a concerned citizen, the best time to act is now.

Short On Space – Start Growing Container Tomatoes

Growing container tomatoes can be a very satisfying hobby and also will produce beautiful sweet tomatoes for your cooking or salads. Container grown tomatoes are a great idea because they do need a lot of space, as long as they have sufficient sunlight, water and fertilizers you will get tomatoes from your tomato plant.

Why a Lot of Master Growers Use a 3 Part Nutrient System VS 2

When using a 2 part nutrient system, a lot of growers tend to have deficiencies in certain areas of their plants. By using the 2 part system, it is sometimes difficult to dial in on exactly what is missing from your plants or what is being over fed to your plants through nutrients. Typical 3 part nutrients are not made for the high value plants like yours and mine and this can create poor quality crops.

Greenhouses and Gardens I Love to Visit

I admit it. I am a greenhouse and gardening junkie. While other people are off visiting louder, flashier vacation spots, I am on the lookout for new gardens and greenhouses to visit.

Do Roses Grow on Trees?

We often speak of someone or something that is deservedly rare or precious to us by saying “they don’t grow on trees.” Well, roses do and this article outlines exactly when and how roses can be made to grow on trees!

Worm Bin Problems: Know How to Solve These

At some point in a person’s vermicomposting journey, he or she will be able to encounter a few minor bumps along the way. Particularly for beginners, they will most definitely go through a lot of challenges and adjustments, before getting things to work for them the right way. But it is through such situations that they learn how to do the right process after that. Now much can also be applied to the experience brought about by some worm bin problems, and by troubleshooting these to put things back to normal.

Dendrobium Orchid Care Tips

Dendrobiums orchids are very popular house plants and are generally fairly low maintenance. They can be frequently used as cut flowers because of their solid stylish stems and spectacular flowers.

Five Basic Components of Landscape Design

There is something endearing and calming about gardens. Aside from contributing to a greener earth, a small patch of garden brings you in tune with nature. A home garden can take on any size, shape or form. Tight-living spaces need not be “green-less” as a group of potted plants accented by a stand-alone water fountain efficiently located in a corner yard is a garden. A pot or two of bonsai arrangements by the window adds a point of interest. Those who are into vertical living have found great opportunities to maximize roof tops for grassless gardens.

Organic Tomato Gardening Guidelines – Part 2

If you are buying seeds, check the labels to ensure they are organic. For seedlings, check with the shop owner. The soil pH might give you some indication on whether the plant is organic.

Keeping Your Soil Healthy

Soil is the most vital component in all your gardening activities. It’s therefore important to know the condition of your soil before venturing into home gardening. If your soil is healthy, you’ll produce quality vegetables and fruits, and mostly likely you’ll become successful in growing organic fruits and vegetables. The quality of your soil depends on the available nutrients it provides based on the stand of your crops grown in the garden. If your plants are healthy, it goes to show that your soil is healthy. There’s a symbiotic relationship between a good soil and the vigorous plants that grows within.

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