Hanging Baskets Part 3: Care Guide // Garden Answer

How Do You Make a Winter Hanging Basket?

This guide looks at how to make a winter hanging basket. Which plants can be used, how long they will last and any special care needed to look after a winter hanging basket.

The How And Why Of A Purple Martin Bird House

Birds are fascinating creatures. Hearing them chirping in the morning would give one the idea that it’s gonna be a sunny and wonderful day ahead.

Blue Bird House Plans Made Easy

Bird watching is a passion for many people. A feeling of calm and relaxation is attained when seeing this little winged creatures feed, bathe and interact with other birds.

Are Bird Spikes Really Safe?

The bird house is more than a hole in a box nailed to a tree. Find out…

Orchid Information, Misconceptions and Facts

Looking at some of the key information about orchids and orchid care including reproduction, pollination and habitats. Plus answers to some of the common questions new growers ask about lighting, flowering times and even orchid scents.

Oriental Poppy Seeds – Germinating and Caring For Oriental Poppies (Papaver Orientale)

Oriental poppies (Papaver orientale) are beautiful plants that many crave to have in their garden. A border simply full of different shades of specimens provides a breathtaking and stunning sight. And with Oriental poppy seeds offering a wide variety of species to grow, gardeners can ensure that their borders are bursting with vibrancy.

Growing Herbs at Home – The Endless Benefits

There are so many reasons to have your own home herb garden. Herbs are seed producing flowering plants that are low growing aromatic plants that are used fresh or dried. You can use home herb gardens for culinary purposes, medicinal purposes, and even for perfumes.

How to Care for Orchids – The 5 Tips to Success

As you begin your quest to grow orchids, it is essential that you know the basics on how to care for orchids. Caring for orchids is relatively simple and can be done by just about anyone.

Growing Climbing Roses – Tips for Beginner Growers

These days, climbing roses are one of the most popular species of garden plants grown by home gardeners. Climbing roses have a vibrant color and unexplainable beauty that no other plant can surpass. The one thing to keep in mind is that when growing climbing roses, they are not the same as growing vines.

Buddleja – Tips for Successful Growing

An informative article giving tips and advice on how to grow Buddleja successfully. The article includes basic care instructions and information on annual care.

How to Make a Year Round Vegetable Garden?

Have you ever wished for a year round vegetable garden that produces cherry tomato during winter or lettuce or broccoli during summer? If you are staying in those parts of the world that have short seasons, you will find it difficult to grow a vegetable garden. This is because the next season will fall upon you before the plant bears fruit and thus stunts the plant growth.

How to Grow Vegetable Garden? Some Basic Information

You might have come across articles about the harmful effects of pesticides that are used to keep away pests from vegetables, fruits and grains. Studies have indicated that by consuming these vegetables and fruits, the traces of pesticides reach our body and cause many health problems including cancer. So it is quite natural that any person will feel apprehensive eating vegetables even though it is considered the best food.

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