Hanging Tomatoes

Growing Hanging Tomato Plants For Beginners – Easy Tips on How to Get Started

The problem many people face when wanting to grow their own tomatoes is lack of garden space. A simple solution to this is to use a container for growing hanging tomato plants. As long as you take the time to correctly set up your seedlings in the right container you will find several advantages over traditional tomato gardening.

Learning How to Grow a Ligustrum Bonsai

Ligustrum is found in the woodlands and bushes of certain continents. Anyone can grow a ligustrum bonsai as long as you have a good knowledge about growing a miniature tree.

Why Use Organic Gardening Compost?

Maybe by chance you have heard about organic gardening compost or organic gardening formula before, but you are uncertain what it is exactly and why you should be using it. If this is the case, you will find some really important information that you may find very useful, and can help you become more educated and understanding on the matter.

Many People Find Vegetable Gardening to Be an Exhilarating Activity

There is no other known activity that can be considered as exhilarating as vegetable gardening. That is why many people take so much pleasure from it and are often found spending much more time in their backyard rather than anywhere else. You can forget about your worries while vegetable gardening and it can certainly give you a wonderful opportunity to fix up your garden and make it more elegant.

Why Should You Grow With Hydroponics?

So before I go off on explaining the benefits of hydroponics, let me explain a little bit about what hydroponic growth is. To simplify it, hydroponic growth is soilless plant growth which means there are now technologies which allow us to control the growth of our plants. We also get to control the health of the plants, how much nutrients they get, how much light they get and prevent them from obtaining diseases and you are also able to do this all year round, not just when a certain plant is in season.

Why Choose Non-Hybrid or Heirloom Seeds?

Growing hybridized seeds is like throwing dice. You never quite know what you are getting and you know the seeds produced will not produce the same plant the next year.

There is No Off-Season For the Gardener

The leaves are falling, the temperature is getting cooler, and you’ve brought the last of your vegetable harvest into your pantry. Don’t take off your gardening gloves yet, because there’s still a lot of work to be done to get your gardens ready for the next growing season.

Simple Tips to Make Your Garden Grow

For a successful vegetable garden, there are four steps that are absolutely necessary. Keeping these things in mind will help you avoid frustration, and they may even make growing your vegetable garden easier than you could have ever imagined!

Secrets to Benefiting From Your Own Home Herb Garden

Planting and growing herbs in your own home herb garden is a real joy. Fresh herbs smell so wonderful and it is advantageous to grow something that you can use almost on a daily basis.

How to Deal With Slugs in Your Garden

Are you trying to grow a healthy, robust, and producing garden? Then you know by now how much of a pain those garden pests can be as they damage your crop. Slugs present a large problem and you should read this article to get informed on how you can rid them.

Hydroponic Grow Systems and Grow Supplies For Successful Home Hydroponics

There are basically two main types of hydroponic systems for home hydroponics. One is the recycling system; and, the other is the run-to-waste system. I’ll talk about the recycling systems first.

How to Plant a Garden With Small Space Gardening

As our population grows and our cities expand farther and farther into rural areas, the space the average homeowner has available for gardening has shrunk to alarmingly small proportions. While our grandparents planted victory gardens and grew enough food to make a real dent in the family’s needs, today we’re lucky if we can plant a couple of tomato plants and some flowers.

Grow Your Own Vegetables

Gardening is a very good hobby to carry on with, especially on vegetables. I love vegetable gardening and it is my favourite hobby. At my house there is a small raised bed vegetable garden.

The Advantages of Growing Upside Down Tomatoes

Tomatoes are very good and very healthy. We practically use them in almost everything we eat. We use them in salads and we use them a lot when we are cooking.

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