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Top Four Mistakes a Home Vegetable Gardener Makes

It does not matter whether you have been vegetable gardening for twenty plus years or twenty plus minutes, you will invariably make some mistakes along the way that will lead to a less than hoped for production in your harvest. Here are the most common mistakes that I have seed many people make.

Thinking in a Fresh Herb Gardening

Have you been looking for a way to spend your spare time? Among the possible choices, herb gardening is an excellent selection. This will allow you to spend your free time productively, and cultivate your own herbs at home.

Protecting Your Herbs From Pests

Herbs are a very resistant group of plants to grow as herbs gardens. They are not affected much by pests and it is usually the amount of sunlight and quality of soil and water that makes the difference between a great harvest and a poor one. The pests that do attack herbs are red spider mites and aphids.

Home Vegetable Gardening – Common Questions That You Need Answered

Here are three common questions that many vegetable gardeners ask themselves. Just follow the advice and you will be well on your way to great vegetables.

Grow Basil at Home

It is just very easy and simple to grow Basil at home. As long as your environment has enough sunlight and the level of temperature is good, you can grow your favorite herb at home. The Basil herb is one of the most popular herbs because of its tasty and fragrant leaves.

The Best Way to Grow a Night Blooming Jasmine Plant – No Matter Where You Live

The Night Blooming Jasmine Plant, scientifically known as Cestrum Nocturnum, is known for its delicateness and fragrance. You can recognize the Night Blooming Jasmine Plant through its smooth and deep green leaves.

Benefits of Container Gardening

Gardening done in containers is called container gardening. To add a touch of creativity to the garden experiments have been conducted with different techniques to container grown plants. Container gardening mainly developed due to the need to gardening in windows and kitchen garden.

Setting Up a Hydroponic Herb Garden

Hydroponics can be defined as the technique of growing plants without using soil, using an inert medium, to which is added a nutrient solution containing all the essential elements vital for normal plant development. If you want to set up a hydroponic herb garden you have to have the following materials.

Benefits of Potassium Rich Soil

Just like humans, even plants require some basic elements for their healthy survival. As per different studies it has been found that plants approximately require around seventeen different chemical elements to grow a healthy. One of the most important elements is potassium which is very often neglected in fertilization of plants. Growth and health of the grass can be enhanced by using potassium in your garden. Using soil rich in potassium is always beneficial as it helps in regulating the functioning of the plants and grass biologically in your garden. Most experts on lawn care and efficient and skillful gardeners would suggest using soil rich in potassium.

Herb Garden Plants – Licorice, Sweet Root

Well known in ancient Rome by the name of radix dulcis – sweet root – these herb garden plants spread from the Middle East via Italy throughout Europe. Still widely grown throughout southern Europe as well as the former Soviet Union. The earliest recorded cultivation in England was in the middle of the 16th century and was taken to the New World by settlers during the 17th century.

Growing an Italian Herb Garden

What is it about Italian cooking that makes it so delicious? It’s not only the ingredients but the herbs they use to add flavor. Growing your own Italian herb garden is quite easy as long as you remember that these herbs come from the hotter climates of the world and you are able to adjust accordingly.

Growing Herbs With Other Plants

Depending on the particular herb plant you have chosen to grow, it’s sometimes not advisable to be growing herbs with other plants. Of course lots of herbs such as basil, garlic and chamomile make great companion plants, but here we look at the herbs that will probably do much better out of your veggie patch rather than in.

Choosing the Right Herbs For Your Garden

There are several different herbs that can be made part of your herbs gardens. You can either incorporate them as part of your regular garden or plant them separately to make your own special herbs gardens. If you are a beginner and are looking at herbs for growing in your garden, here is a good way of deciding the ones you should choose from.

Create Space by Growing Herbs in Hanging Baskets

Would you like to grow your own herbs but you just have no space to plant a garden? Well, you may not realise it, but you actually do have enough space. You can grow herbs in the smallest of spaces and still be able to pick your own fresh herbs to flavour your dishes or to add to a potpourri.

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