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A Chia Herb Garden For Flavor and Decor

If you want to grow your own herbs, you have a couple of choices. You can spend time and money educating yourself about gardening methods, visiting various garden centers to collect all the equipment you will need, and fussing over delicate plants. Or you can make a quick trip to the store, choose the chia herb garden kit you prefer and have your garden underway in a matter of minutes.

Herb Garden Kits – A Practical Way to Start Your Garden

Nowadays most things are available in kit form, including everything you need to start a new herb garden indoors or outdoors, on the patio or in the garden itself. And alongside herb garden kits you will find a myriad of other garden kits including strawberry garden kits, salad garden kits, flower garden kits, and mushroom growing kits. This is the perfect way to start your very own cottage garden.

What’s the Difference Between Rotors and Spray Heads?

The two most typical types of lawn sprinklers are rotor heads and spray heads. A properly designed irrigation system will normally make use of both types of heads in their appropriate area and separated from each-other on different zones.

For Drought Resistant Grass, The Winter Mowing Hiatus Reforms Bad Habits

While there are varieties of relatively drought resistant grass available, every summer brings challenges to your dreams of a lush, green carpet of grass. Many of these challenges are self-inflicted by homeowners with serious misunderstandings about what is best (and worst) for their grass.

Saving Water in the Garden – How Conserving Water Can Make Good Design Sense

Saving water does not have to mean a poor, miserable garden. On the contrary, the limitations imposed by the water crisis in dry climates opens the way for fresh and exciting design ideas to replace the old worn-out cliches.

Blue Flowers 101

Blue flowers are deep-meaning flowers, serene and pure. They are peaceful flowers that make you think of infinity. The following article will include the meaning of the color blue, the meaning of blue flowers and their use in arrangements.

Purple Flowers 101

Purple flowers are royal flowers. They are luxurious and fancy, chic and bohemian. The following article will show you all the meanings of purple flowers and will point out some tips on how they are used in floral arrangements.

A Few Basic Tips About Organic Container Gardening

Organic gardening at home is a great way to fight the rising costs that are continuously happening everyday and to know the food on your table is fresh and chemical free. With a few basic supplies, you can be on your way to growing your own thriving crops in your own yard. Containers, pots window boxes or even growing your vegetables among your existing landscape are great way of keeping your gardens small and manageable, while adding character to your home.

Japanese Maples, Perennial Plants and Shrubs – The Benefits For Your Garden

The benefits of perennial plants continues to grow (no pun intended) and each new season brings new and exciting introductions to the home gardener. A typical example is the much loved Black-Eyed Susan which in its new form will bloom from early May until frost, unlike its original companion which blooms from mid July until late August only.

Garden Composting Basics

If you are thinking about making your own compost you need to know what to expect. There are a few basics that need to be followed to successfully have the compost develop correctly. Once you know what to do and how long it takes then making compost is easy.

Planting and Growing Tulips

One of the most beautiful signs of spring is the blooming of tulips in all shades of color. But there are some tricks to making sure these delicate flowers continue to bloom year after year.

Wild Flowers Can Bring Life to Your Garden

If you would like to bring a fresh look to your garden with the change of every season without having to replant, think about growing wild. Although wild flowers are naturals, they may present some problems when cultivated in a garden. Weeds will be a problem in your wildflower garden. You must stay on top of the weeds as much as you can or they may end up smothering your flowers. The best technique for removing weeds is to prevent them from seeding in the first place. Prior to planting your wild flower seeds, rid your flowerbeds of weeds and till the land very very well.

What to Look For in Indoor Gardening Kits – The Best Kits You Can Buy

With so many indoor gardening kits to choose from, it can be hard to pick the best one. We have reviewed many gardening products and can help you choose the best one to buy.

A Simple Guide For Selecting Roses For Your Garden

Roses in bloom are probably one of the best sights that you can lay your eyes on. Seeing lush and colorful roses in bloom are very ideal but it takes more than just planting to have them. If you want to be a rose gardener of some sort or if you simply want to try out planting a few rose bushes, then selecting roses for your garden is essential. Here is a simple guide that can give you an idea of what you should do once you start your rose gardening efforts.

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