He Built a 2+ Acre Wheelchair-Accessible Garden PARADISE

What Are Antique Roses and Why Might You Want to Grow Them?

Antique roses is a generic term for roses that came before modern roses. They are also sometimes called old garden roses or species roses and many of them are still very popular. As you may know, there are thousands of varieties of roses with more produced each year, yet the classics still have beauty and grace.

Plant a Wisteria Vine For Future Pleasure

Wisteria is one of the most romantic plants, draping its way charmingly across porches and arbors. Living most of my life in the cold and frozen north of Canada, I’d never had one in my garden. Now that I live in a much milder climate, I have finally fulfilled my desire to have one.

Tips on Choosing a Screening Plant

If you find yourself with an empty space in your garden that looks plain, or if you have a space that needs covering, you may be in need of some type of screening plant. I usually recommend some type of climbing plant to serve this purpose because it spreads and can cover a lot of space very quickly. You may find some climbers that will also provide you with colorful blooms.

Bio-Intensive Gardening

Bio-intensive gardening is simply related to organic gardening although there’s a little twist on the methods of application. It involves the methods by digging the plots the same size with the plot at a 1-2 feet depth. Inside the dug portion, all the garden wastes, grass clippings and other garden wastes are deposited to lay there for a couple of weeks to decompose. This method is duplicated to other plots alternately in the garden.

Gro Sure

What is Gro Sure? Gro Sure is a type of seed range that has been specifically tailored and designed to assist gardeners in achieving success when they are trying to grow their own vegetation such as flowers and vegetables.

How to Plant and Prune Lifted Roses

Time is fast approaching to start working on your rose bushes. If you have plants that you are lifting and replanting, or purchasing plants from a nursery to plant, I hope you will find these tips helpful.

Top 5 Benefits of Tree Surgery Services For You

If you have many trees on your property it is very important to look after them to ensure that they grow and thrive for decades to come. Sometimes however, you will need the help of professionals when you encounter a problem. Tree surgery services are widely available and you could benefit in five major ways by employing the service of these professionals.

How to Make Your Garden Beautiful With Garden Designs

If you are fortunate enough to have a garden but you feel that your garden is rather dull and ordinary, there are some fairly easy things you can do to bring more life into your outdoor space. The most beautiful gardens are those that are carefully planned and cared for.

How Small Garden Designs Can Help You Feel Better About Your Home

Gardens are lovely and good for the soul. They can become our private sanctuaries away from the day to day grind and stresses in the world or they can simply be a place to have a grand time.

The Best Kept Secrets of Organic Gardening Compost

The economy may appear to be stabilizing but it is going to be a long slow road back to where most of us were just a few years ago. Many people think that their kids won’t be able to do better than their parent but that may just be a warped perspective. It’s time to build on our roots and say good bye to the “Jones”.

What is Herb Gardening?

The credit for first using herbs for various purposes can be given to the ancient Egyptians and Chinese. Ancient Egyptians and Chinese have been given the credit to be the first civilizations that used herbs in everyday life. The bible, along with historical documents all say that the use of herbs in households go way back in time.

Tree Removal Contractor

Explores why finding a reliable tree removal contractor is important. Makes suggestions as to what cues to be on the look out for as far as equipment is concerned.

Vegetable Growing Essentials – Rotavator Hire

The rotavator is an ingenious piece of mechanised machinery that is a friend to gardeners, allotment owners and vegetable growers the world over. Since its invention in 1912, when it was conceived as a motorised roatary hoe, the principle of mechanised hoeing of the earth has taken off and rotavators have developed into valued workhorses in the modern garden.

What Are the Best Materials For a Weathervane?

When choosing a weathervane you are going to want to pick one that you know can stand up to the elements outside. Make sure that you find one that is made of a durable material, something that won’t rust, corrode or easily break. There is a variety of metals or other materials that weather vanes are made of, take a look at all the different options and then find one that is right for you.

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