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Home Composting – Keep it Going in the Fall to Be Ready For Spring

Fall is the season with a lot to do for the organic gardener and in the midst of preparing garden beds for the winter sleep, final harvest, and putting away all those tools, composting can take a back seat. Exactly the opposite should be true. This is the season to put the effort into the compost piles so that next spring sees a great garden starting once again.

Autumn Work in the Flower Garden

Some work in the garden in autumn is essential if perennial flowers and bulbs are to be grown successfully. Autumn is the time to plant spring flowering bulbs, everything from tiny snowdrops, to crocuses, hyacinths, narcissi and tulips. If you have peonies to plant or that need dividing, this will be the time of the year to do it.

The English Garden Rose – A Rich History

Roses have a long and colorful history, in fact according to fossil evidence, the rose has a 35 million year history. Today, with over 30,000 varieties of roses in production, roses have the most intricate genealogy of any known flower species.

Growing Roses in the Cottage Garden Style

Although the cottage garden is an increasingly rare phenomenon, roses are an essential feature of it. Sometimes you will still come across a cottage garden where old shrub roses provide a superb contrast to crops like cabbages and tomatoes.

Herb Garden Kits – What to Look For

Many people love the idea of starting their own herb garden, but they simply don’t know exactly how to get started. They have many questions such as: Which herbs can be grown directly from seeds,what type of soil do my herbs need, and how many herbs should I plant?

Home Greenhouse Organic Gardening

If you are a gardener and dread the long winter months that limit you from growing crops in your organic garden due to climate conditions, building your own personal greenhouse is the perfect solution. With a greenhouse, you can enjoy the experience of gardening all year round. Greenhouse gardening is way of extending the growing season in your area. A fun and relaxing method of gardening through the winter months.

Home Herb Garden Tips

Don’t know where to start? Learn these 7 top tips for creating your own home herb garden. I have created this list of tips just to simplify the process if you have no idea where to start, or are suffering from information overload!

How to Set Up Your Own Italian Herb Garden

Herbs are an essential piece to most meals you will consume. For this reason, it only makes sense to grow your very own fresh herbs within an Italian herb garden.

Easy Herb Garden Secrets

An introduction to new trends in herb gardening. Information is included that will give a prospective herb gardener insight into what is involved short cuts to herb gardening.

Planting in Clay Soil

Yes, you can grow healthy plants in clay soil. Clay soils store water very well, and are usually very high in nutrients but can result in poor plant growth.

Specializing Your Home Herb Garden

The beauty of growing an herb garden at home is that you can specialize it to suit your specific needs. A culinary garden would be the obvious choice if you desire fresh herbs for your recipes. But what if you want grow your own healing herbs? A medicinal herb garden combines many of the common herbs used as all-natural remedies for common ailments. And if you’re a tea aficionado, growing an herbal teal garden will ensure that you will always be able to enjoy that delicious cup of herbal tea.

Growing Tea Herbs – Leaves to Blend and Brew

Get extra enjoyment from your herb garden by growing herbs for fragrant health-enhancing teas. After a stressful day, herbal tea can be a soothing, relaxing and satisfying drink. Find out which herbs you can grow easily, and experiment to find your favorites either alone or in combination to steep your own favorite and special herbal teas.

Herbs Should Be Planted in the Garden Or Indoors?

Do you like herbs and may want to pick them up freshly in the future and use them in the kitchen? So far you’ve bought the necessary herbs in the next grocery store or got them from the neighbor with a private garden? Well, this can be changed very easily.

Managing Vegetable Planting During Fall Seasons

If you want to harvest crops in fall or winter, you should start planting varieties of vegetables in mid summer to late summer. You can harvest warm season crops like corn and beans before the winter. Turnips, kale, broccoli, mustard, cabbage and other cool season crops can withstand light frosts and grow healthy during the cool winter or fall days. Fall vegetable gardening would succeed through timely planting.

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