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Bouquets and Fresh Flowers For All Occasions

Flower delivery is speedily becoming the number one way to send flowers. This eliminates the flowers getting shipped to a floral shop, numerous hands handling the flowers, plus the days delay from getting picked to sell.

Indoor Fruit Trees – Summer Care Tips

If you own or are considering buying an indoor fruit tree, here are a few summer care tips to help keep your tree in tip top shape. Indoor fruit trees are very easy to care for, but these tips will help them thrive better than ever…

Starting Your Herb Garden Right – Using the Right Gardening Equipment

For a small herb garden, you’ll barely need any special gardening equipment in any way. In starting your herb garden right, you should always remember that purchasing all kinds of supplies when you take gardening as your hobby, might be a waste of either your time or investment.

Roses From Cuttings – Growing Them the Right Way

Growing roses from cuttings is one of the most popular ways of rose propagation. A 90% success rate in rose reproduction using this process is already considered a remarkable outcome. But the actual process is far from easy.

How to Grow Tomatoes and Pumpkins

I have been growing tomatoes and pumpkins for 5 years. In my experience it’s best to start them inside around February in an egg carton that’s cut apart with a florescent light about 4 inches above them.

When You Start Growing a Tomato Garden Can You Plant Different Varieties Together?

Growing a tomato garden is great to produce your own home-grown organic tomatoes. Information on how to start and if using different tomato varieties is possible in the same garden or container.

Vegetable Gardening Tips You Need to Know

Growing vegetables can be as simple or as complex as you want to make it. Try these suggestions for making your garden more sustainable and healthy.

Keys to Organic Gardening

These days organic/green consciousness is everywhere and gardening is one of the first places where the trend started. Here are some critical tips to focus on when dealing with organic issues in your garden.

What is the Best Way of Growing Roma Tomatoes in Containers?

If you love tomato pastes and salsas you might as well choose growing Roma tomatoes at home. It is certainly better tasting and fulfilling to pick out your own homegrown tomatoes directly in your garden for making sauces and ketchup.

Feeding Your Soil

The vitality and health of the plants you grow depends on more than feeding them during the growing season. To have healthy plants your soil must have reserves of plant foods and nutrients.

Shabby Chic Or the Art of Transforming Someone Else’s Junk Into a Prized Possession

Shabby Chic started around 1990 but has become more prevalent these days because of the recession. It’s the definition of comfort, the beauty of imperfection, the allure of time-worn objects and the appeal of simple, practical living. It represents the appreciation for what is useful, well loved for those things that might be perceived as being too tattered to be of use or value.

Benefits of Raised Beds For Gardening

Due to the fact that humans have been growing plants for food since before the dawn of recorded history, it should come as no surprise that there are countless methods for establishing a garden. While modern gardens are not necessarily designed purely for the purpose of producing vegetables and/or fruit, this has done nothing to lessen the number of gardening methods. Some methods, such as the use of raised beds, have a lot to offer.

Gardening Tips For Beginners

If you’ve lived in a big town for your whole life or have moved into your first proper home, there’s a high chance this will be the first time you’ve ever had the responsibility of looking after a garden for yourself. While being confronted with a patch of ground and plenty of unfamiliar tasks and jobs – from lawn mowing to weeding – you could find that the experience an extremely rewarding one. The important thing to remember is that gardening for beginners does have to be difficult, you just need to make some decisions from the outset.

Going Green After Tree Removal

Trees are a crucial part of the environment because they produce oxygen which is key for life. When a tree is sick and needs to be removed it can still be used to help the environment by being converted to other “green” materials.

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