Here’s Two Fall Container Garden Recipes To Plant Now

Fun Gardening With Children

Do you remember growing your first plant or your starting first garden? Perhaps you started with pansies or even tomatoes. I remember being given a small Styrofoam cup which had been cut in half.

A Fun Project for the Winter Months

How do you plan a scented garden? This article gives hints and includes a list of 25 plants that will help you turn your back yard into a scented oasis of calm.

Long Term Storage of Your Herb Harvest

One of the top questions I hear all the time is “When should I harvest my herbs?” A general rule of thumb is just prior to the plants flowers opening. Because this is the when the oils (hence the flavor) are most concentrated.

How to Water Your Orchid Properly

Watering your orchid is one of the critical task when caring for orchids aside from providing sufficient light and adequate amount of nutrition. Proper watering will ensure you to get the utmost of your orchid which will eventually provide you with stunning flowers. Either too much water or too small amount of water will harm your orchid very much.

Trellis With Modern Planters For A Beautiful Garden

Designing our garden is certainly fun. In planning the kind of garden that we want, we get to choose the kind of flowers, modern planters, furniture, and other accessories that we can use.

Papaver Somniferum Seeds – Use Breadseed Poppies For Garden Appeal

Papaver somniferum seeds are easy to germinate and grow, take very little care, and are annual flowers that are self seeding which means that they will keep new plants coming every year. One of the most beloved flowers on planet earth, poppies come in so many sizes and shapes, colors and environmentally adaptable varieties that one or more is perfect for every gardening need.

Harvesting Your Fresh Herbs

Harvesting your herbs involves two very important activities. The first is cutting, harvesting and using your fresh herbs for immediate use all season long. The second activity is preserving your herbs for later use. My motivation for herb gardening comes from the bounty of fresh flavors that I can blend into my culinary creations.

How to Keep Pesky Animals Out of the Garden

Gardening is the most productive way of doing things in your yard or garden. You creates an atmosphere of clean and green surroundings and importantly gives you supply you with fresh organic vegetables all year round. Anytime you want fresh yummy tomatoes, sweet peppers, your crunchy lettuce, all can be found in your garden. You’ve no problem for your daily kitchen needs because they’re all freshly grown meters away from your home.

The Real Deal With Red Wigglers

There are typically two favored earthworm types that are used when it comes to worm composting, and these are the red wiggler worms and nightcrawler worms (such as European, African and Canadian). But between the two, the red wiggler worms are the most favored. Nightcrawler worms are more preferred when it comes to using them as bait for fish; and they can be kept underwater longer than red wiggler worms. But when it comes to composting, the red wigglers are more efficient and quicker on the job. While Nightcrawlers are burrowers and dislike being in very constrained spaces, red wigglers are the total opposite. These worms are soil surface dwellers, and don’t usually mind being contained amongst a thousand more worms of their kind.

Arranging Your Organic Vegetable Garden

Planning to arrange your garden into an organic vegetable garden? Go ahead! If you have the space, and a healthy soil for planting veggie’s, then seize the opportunity. The perks to having an organic vegetable garden gives you the chance to pick on fresh produce without having to go to the market for some. Not only will it save you a lot of time (grocery shopping that is), you also get to save some money along the way. You can maximize the area of your garden by planting the vegetables that you frequently have the need for.

Horticultural Therapy Real Gardening

Horticultural Therapy is a very real treatment method using plants and plant related materials to improve the psychological, physical, educational,and social well being of an individual. This in turn improves the mind, body, and spirit of the individual.

The Benefits Of Using a Portable Mini Greenhouse And How To Choose The Right One

Gardening is a favorite hobby among many people due to the relaxing nature of the activity. Gardening helps to release stress while being a rewarding activity as you watch your plants, herbs, flowers and vegetables grow up around you. For those who want to make things easier for their gardening activities, can use the help of a mini greenhouse, that provides you with a handy way of storing your tools, seeds, gloves, flowerpots or anything else you need to keep at close hand, while providing your plants and herbs a sheltered place to grow. Here is how a portable mini greenhouse can bring out the true gardener in you.

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