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Chemistry of Plant Life

All seeds must have a rest before they are scattered by the parent plant or taken from it; but sooner or later they are ready to sprout and then the first thing they require is air. This can easily be shown by placing some seeds in a tightly stoppered bottle and others in a container open to moist air.

Smoothing Sounds With Garden Wind Chimes

Garden wind chimes can be a charming addition to your garden. Different materials create different tones, as well as the positioning of the tubes.

Cyclamen Information

With their swept back petals and pouting mouths, cyclamen would appear to have a flare for drama. Like garden cyclamen, the cyclamen sold as indoor house plants in autumn grow from tubers, which root both from the base and the sides. They are all derived from cyclamen premium, which is a spring flowering plant native to the countries of the eastern Mediterranean and Rhodes, Crete and Libya.

Herb Garden Plants – Classification of Most Common Herbs

This article provides information on herb garden plants classification and examples of most common herbs. This information helps the reader in planning her (his) herb garden to match personal preferences.

Growing Parsley in Your Home

Growing parsley requires a lot of patience and time although it can be relatively easy for you if you’re willing to take the time. There are some important points to remember to keep the parsley garden going on regularly. To start off, you should set the right spot to place the garden or pots, whatever is the case.

The Origin of Bonsai – Probably Not What You Think

According to several researchers and reports, the history of bonsai can be traced back as far as 200 AD when the Chinese started growing a single specimen of tree in pots which they called pun-sai. These early samples of the miniature trees that we now call as bonsai displayed thin and rugged trunks that were shaped like birds and dragons.

Why Do You Need to Start Growing Chives?

Because of the many benefits of chives, many show interest in growing chives at home. It’s a good thing that growing chives is relatively easy and can be done even if you only have basic gardening skills. In a backyard garden, chives can be grown along with other herbs in one bed. You should just ensure that the plant is well watered but not drowned and that it is getting enough sunlight.

The Carolina Jasmine Will Fill Your Garden With a Heavenly Fragrance and Lovley Foliage

The Carolina Jasmine is a beautiful vine that produces fragrant yellow blooms and ark green foliage. It needs little attention once its established. The plant blooms at the first sign of Spring, lasting through to winter.

Tips to Growing Herbs Indoors in Winter

Plants are sensitive to their surrounding environment. Extreme fluctuation of temperature where they grow can be a problem in growing your plants indoors. Because of this you may want to take a bit of extra care growing herbs indoors in winter.

Windowsill Herb Garden

Windowsill herb gardening gives most of the same benefits as regular indoor gardening and, if setup properly, is easy to maintain and use. It is a practical and convenient use of garden space. There are many advantages to a windowsill herb garden.

Why Should I Use Turface For My Bonsai Trees and Other Plants?

The trick to keeping a bonsai tree happy and healthy is providing it with proper lighting, the right nutrients and of course the right amount of water. It has always been said that we tend to over water our houseplants and underwater our bonsai. The reason most people do not understand how to water bonsai properly is they fail to realize just how fast “good bonsai soil” dries out.

Indoor Plants – 3 Proven Tips For Healthier Plants and Herbs

Indoor plants do more than liven up a room’s decor. They circulate fresh oxygen so we can breathe easily. Indoors plants can improve mood and help you to relax after a stressful day. But, for you to reap these desirable results, your plants need proper care and attention.

Garden Vacuums – Things to Consider When Choosing a Garden Vacuum and Safety Guide

There are a number of things to consider when choosing a garden vacuum, so here are some things to consider when choosing a the right model and design for you. Weight: The Weight of a garden vacuum is very important. You don’t want it to be too heavy that you find it difficult to move around easily when tiding up your garden.

Preparing For a Successful Organic Vegetable Garden

Living in rural, country areas has it’s benefits. Having the room to grow your own organic garden in your backyard and the pleasure to enjoy the beauty of natures natural landscape.

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