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Lawn Care – Preparation for Winter

A look at how gardeners should prepare their lawns so that they can maintain health through the winter. Specifically some of the tasks gardens should undertake and some of the gardening equipment that will be needed are highlighted.

How to Mark Off Planting Squares in a Raised Garden Bed

Growing vegetables using the Square Foot Gardening method requires marking off planting squares within the garden bed. Learn a simple technique for marking off squares in both wood and composite garden beds.

Looking Out for Garden Wildlife

Autumn is a time when we start to think about battening down the hatches, turn the heating up and preparing for the cold weather that is just around the corner. But, it is not only us who find winter a difficulty – many of our back-garden wildlife struggles to make it through the cold months. Many of our local wildlife are in a precarious position, with some crucial species of insects, birds and other animals on the verge of becoming extinct – and many of them, such as the humble bumble bee are crucial for pollinating crops and their loss could have consequences to our own food production.

Orchid Flowering Tips – Have Orchids All Year Round

Orchid flowering is considered to be the most fascinating fact about orchids. This plant has the widest array of species to please all those who appreciate beauty. And speaking of beauty, what makes this plant attractive is their flowers. And this is the reason why…

Gardening Tips – Planting Carrots

As carrot varieties change so do our ideas about cultivation. Different ways apply for different varieties of carrot, long and straight carrots require good deep soil, whereas anyone with stony ground has to settle for the short stumpy type.

Watering Orchids – How to Do It Properly and Grow Healthy Orchids

Watering orchids can be the most crucial part in caring for this plant. In fact, some hobbyists commit their first mistake by over-watering their first orchid, thereby killing them. In most cases, under watering your orchids is better than pouring too much. We have to understand that its natural habitat is mostly dry and only waits for the rain to pour to get its water supply.

Growing Grapes In Various Type Of Soil

Naturally, grapes can adapt to different types of loamy soils. However, selecting the ideal and appropriate type of soil can make the difference between lesser and greater fruit production, and can affect the fruits’ taste. Along with sunlight/heat and water, soil is one of the three key elements in producing grapes.

Growing Grapes In The North

You may have thought that growing grapes in a a northern climate was near impossible. But that’s not true. It can be done successfully, if you have the right knowledge. The first thing you need to do is find a grape root stock that is resilient in the cold. Read on to learn more…

Growing Grapes at Home

Growing grapes at home is a rewarding experience in self-sufficiency, and health consciousness. Not only can you eat the grapes, or make wine, but you can also make jams, jellies, and fruit preserves. Read here to learn more.

Growing a Grape – One Bunch At A Time

Six tips for growing grapes. This includes; site selection, soil type, planting, pruning, and harvesting.

Popular Flowers For Your Home Flower Garden

These are the most popular flowers for a home garden. Do you know which ones you will choose?

Indoor Orchid Care: A Good Read Before a Good Buy

Orchids are a delight to purchase, whether you are buying for yourself as a hobby or you are buying for family and friends as gifts, orchids appeal to the senses. They are classy, exquisite and yet, fairly easy to maintain. You can even grow orchids indoors and you would find yourself amazed at how effortless indoor orchid care is.

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