How I Capture 5,750+ Gallons of Rainwater For My Garden

A Few Benefits of Having Your Own Vegetable Garden

I can remember when I was a young boy we used to have a big vegetable garden that we would work in from spring all the way to the beginning or ending of fall. Depending on what we had planted. For example, I used to plant watermelons and the plants would live all the way until mid November or so.

How to Start an Herb Garden – Five Common Mistakes Newbie Herb Gardeners Make

Gardening is a very calming activity. But it can be a challenge if you don’t mind your Ps and Qs. Here are some of the most common errors made by beginners, and how to avoid them.

Knockout Roses – They’re As Tough As They Come

Caring for knockout roses is a walk in the park, so to speak. Being one of the hardier rose plants in existence, knockout roses are well suited as beginner plants for, well, beginner gardeners. Not only are they hardy and disease resistant, these magnificent plants also give a touch of beauty to any garden.

Enhance Your Back Garden With Beautiful Sheds

When you have begun turning your house into a warm home, some tasks may prove daunting. We shuffle things around, change where things belong and decide that we may not always need everything we have, but because of sentimental value do not want to get rid of it entirely. Not only when we have begun the transformation of this house into a home do we work on its internal design, but just as important as the appearance of our home on the inside is, so, too is the outside.

Find Out the Advantages of Garden Sheds

Sheds come in many forms, sizes and purposes. Sheds are great for storage, use them as workshops, and they can be decorative as well if you so choose.

Get the Garden Accessories Right

To keep a healthy and very nature open and friendly garden one needs to work over it with dedication and take efforts to also maintain the same. As of today where technology has advanced one can easily get to know the new techniques of keeping and maintaining a garden.

Carnations – A Sex and the City Favorite?

It seems that ever since Charlotte from Sex and the City dismissed carnations with a scornful “they’re filler flowers,” women everywhere disregard the little flower with upturned noses. But if you want to talk about sturdy resilience, eclectic versatility, and fantastic color then perhaps it’s time to reconsider the carnation’s role as a “filler flower” and start thinking about booking it as a “main attraction.”

Vegetable Gardening Basics Principles

Growing a vegetable can seem to be really easy when you think about it. And that is true. But, what about achieving the maximum results with your gardening? This is a bit more complicated. Learn the basics of vegetables gardening to ensure a proper yield each growing season.

6 Tips on Growing Orchids

Growing orchid is similar horticulture like any other plants. But, like other plants and flowers, they have their special requirements in order to be really successful. Learn more about the basic needs of orchid and what tips could improve your growing results.

Herb Uses – Alternative Medicine, Ornamental, Culinary and Aromatic Gardens

When most people think about herb uses they usually can think of only one: in cooking! Definitely one of the best herb uses is in the pot, however this doesn’t have to be the only use. Many herbs have many uses that people overlook.

Small and Simple – Water Garden Ideas

It’s not difficult to build and enjoy your own water garden. It’s a matter of creativity, and desire! Anyone can do it… Take some of our small and simple techniques to help you take the next step in building a water garden.

Building a Greenhouse – What Materials Are Best and Why

Building your first greenhouse should be cheap and easy to construct. If you have never built a shed like structure before, you will gain a lot of experience building just a simple greenhouse and can then move onto more advanced plans.

Herb Garden How-to – Grow a Wonderful Thyme Garden

Thyme is one of the most popular and useful herbs. Having it in your home herb garden is a must especially if you love Italian cuisines. Growing thyme successfully is quite easy, if you know how.

Home Water Garden Basics

Developing your own home water garden can be an overwhelming experience. However, knowing the basic concepts will allow you some peace of mind. Follow these simple pointers to get you started.

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