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Best Method of Growing Your Herb Garden Plants

If you are among the many people wanting to start an herb garden, make it the best it can be by proper planning. Herb garden plants require minimal care and a small amount of your time, but they are greatly rewarding. After you develop your herb garden, you will have a fresh supply of culinary and medicinal herbs for your use.

Herb Garden Information For Beginners

Did you know that out of 119 pharmaceutical drugs derived from plants, 74% are used just as the plants were used by natives hundreds of years ago? Botanists for pharmaceutical companies are currently studying little known plants gathered from various locations to determine what medicinal values they may have. These same plants have been in nature’s community for eons of time.

The Joys of a Windowsill Herb Garden

The windowsill herb garden allows you to enjoy what you grow and the herbs have many different purposes. They can be used for cooking, aromatherapy and medicines. Gardening itself has a therapeutic effect on most people. With all the many different reasons to get started with a garden, there is no reason to delay. Being able to grow herbs inside even takes the guesswork of when to plant out of the equation.

You Say ‘Erbs, I Say Herbs

An introduction to herb gardening including a historical perspective of herb usage. Information is included that will give a prospective herb gardener insight into what is involved in growing herbs and its rewards.

How to Care For Garden Tulips and Tulip Bulbs

How should you plant tulip bulbs in the garden and how deep should tulip bulbs be planted? When planting tulips prepare a patch of ground by digging a few inches deep, adding some compost and a light scattering of bone meal fertilizer. Plant the bulbs to a depth equal to 2-3 times their length and 3-4 inches apart.

Achieving the Best Design For Your Herb Garden

Herb garden designs are highly personal, as each person has a specific look they are trying to accomplish. Some are not as interested in the look as they are the herbs themselves. No matter what you are looking to accomplish, a good design is very important. A good design can make the difference between a garden, which thrives, and one that struggles. Since there is no point in planting a garden you don’t want to survive, you will do well to learn about planning.

Grow Carrots – Fly Free

The first thing to do when growing carrots is to choose your carrot seed. It is probably best to visit a garden centre, or obtain a seed merchant’s catalogue, as there are many, many varieties to choose from. You could have early maturing or late maturing carrots, ones that are OK to leave in the ground after frosts begin, orange ones, yellow ones, purple ones, round ones, thin ones and baby ones. The choice is yours, but having tried several of the unusual varieties I find that the plain old orange ones have the best flavour and vigour.

Some Herb Garden Design Tips For the Beginner

Potted herb gardens can be designed and plotted, just as you would your outdoor flower or vegetable garden, to bring texture, beauty, and fragrance to any space within your walls. Because herbs tend to rejuvenate or be replaced quite…

Naturalised Bulbs – Top 7 Bulbs For Beautiful Naturalised Displays in Grassland and Lawns

Nothing brings home that feeling of the arrival of Spring more than beautiful, drifts of spring flowering bulbs. Parks, gardens, cemetery spaces and woodland, come to life with vivid, colourful displays, through January right through to May.

A Rose Garden It’s Not

Yes, it’s true my desk can get a bit messy from time to time. There are times when I am busy with too many projects that I have taken on all at once. I believe it happens as I tend to find so many points of interest I want to take up as I work to get two businesses off the ground simultaneously.

A Brief History of Water Gardening

Many people think that the water gardening hobby is fairly recent in its development. This being due mainly to its recent rising popularity and increased exposure in the media.

Your Home Mini Herb Garden – Initiate, Create and Innovate

If you are not ready to embark on a full fledged herb garden, you can initiate with a miniature herb garden indoors and extend it later either indoors or outdoors when time is ripe and your confidence shows an upswing. Bring your innovation and creativity skills to work. You will simply love the saplings blooming into small herbs and then growing into mid-size plants. More than that , the beautiful aroma and freshness of these herbs will add variations to your cooking and the family will enjoy the tastier and nourishing food which is what it is due to herbs grown in your own mini herb garden.

Herb Garden – Tips and Guidelines For Growing Herbs in Your Home

Many people prefer growing herbs in the home garden. Nothing can be more convenient and practical than having your own herb garden because growing herbs have many benefits. If you want to become one of those herb growers out there, you can.

Harvesting Herbs – Transplanting and Harvesting Mint Herb

Do you love to grow herbs that grow the whole year round? Do you want herbs that are easy to grow and do not require too much care? Do you like herbs that have many uses? If yes, you should try growing perennial herbs like mint.

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