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Growing Garden Herbs That Can Flourish in Window Boxes, Containers Or Pots

Growing garden herbs can be rewarding in many ways. Early civilizations relied on herbs for medicinal, culinary, religious, political and beauty purposes. In China, herbs are among the integral components of Eastern medicine.

Hawthorn – Missouri’s State Flower

Hawthorn is Missouri’s official state flower emblem. It was Governor Arthur M. Hyde who signed the bill on March 16, 1923 naming it as their official flower. Hawthorn is a flower that belongs to the great rose family that bears the appearance of the apple group. It is known as the red or white haw that blossoms yellow green centers and outlines a white cluster.

The Significance of Lotus in Buddhism

Lotus is an immaculate flower in the Buddhist world. To some people, it may be just a simple ornamental plant but it has deep meaning among Buddhists. In Buddhism, the lotus is a symbol of the exact nature of beings. The true character of beings remains pure and stain-free from the mud of the earth and can only be understood through enlightenment.

Easy Ways to Grow Your Own Herbs

Knowing which type of garden you want is very important because it will become part of how you will grow your herbs. This will also help you understand fully whether you can establish an outdoor garden in your house or simply use some containers because of lack of space.

How to Make a Wedding Bouquet of Lilac

Lilac is a flowering plant that has colors ranging from purple, lavender, to deep pink. Its colors make it suitable to be made as wedding bouquets. Making a bouquet of flowers for the wedding is not as easy as anyone might think. Before you start, you should choose first the largest and loveliest lilac specie to be the centerpiece of the bouquet.

Easy Steps in Growing Orchids of Phalaenopsis

Phalaenopsis or phalas are the most demanding orchids in flower industry. And since they require conditions similar to what we have at our home, many hobbyists grow phalas at their homes today. The growth of orchids depend upon a host of different factors like- humidity, watering, fertilizing, soil, moisture, light, movement of air and shade.

The Legend of the Lily Flower

The untimely representation of the lily was revealed in a cabin in Amnisos, Crete that dated back during the Minoan Period. Lily is the Minoan’s sacred flower. The lily is a special feature of the Great Minoan Goddess Britomartis or Dictynna. Her dominance in Crete flourished until one day an inexplicable misfortune came about in the Minoan civilization.

How to Take Care of Roses

A rose is a flower known for its beauty and elegance. It gives color to a backyard garden and brings pleasure to anyone who has it or receives it. The variety of colors such as red, pink, white, yellow, peach, and lavender make this kind of flower even more attractive.

The Gumamela and Its Parts

The flower gumamela is a shrub that mostly grows in home backyards and parks. It comes in many colors such as red, orange, yellow, purple, and pink. It is essential that you know the parts and their corresponding function if you choose to use it for therapeutic purposes. The parts of a gumamela plant include anthers, stamen tube, style, stigma, petals, sepals, and roots.

The Sunflower and Its Uses

A sunflower has a head of numerous florets clustered together. It has outer and inner florets. On the outer head are called ray of florets that are barren with colors ranging from yellow, orange, and maroon. On the other hand, the florets within the inner circular head are disc florets that mature into seeds. These florets are arranged in a twisting pattern.

Jasmine and Its Sweet Fragrance

Jasmine is a climbing, trailing, or spreading flowering shrub that comes from the olive family. It is a native of the tropical and warm temperate regions of the earth. It is believed to have originated from the Himalayas in western China. All the jasmine species have shiny dark green leaves and grows small white or yellow flowers. The flowers are generally scented and blossom in clusters with small berries.

Growing Poppy Flowers From Dried Poppy Pods

Poppy flowers have little, brightly colored flower heads with a black center. They usually blossom during summer season. The seeds are obtained from an already existing poppy plant.

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